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Report # 945  (Class C)
Submitted by Fred B. on Friday, March 19, 1999.
Creature with red glowing eyes seen

YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: 19

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Jefferson County

LOCATION DETAILS: Upper part of Grays Harbor County, Washington State, North Highway 101, along a coastal road, off of a logging road in Clearwater Area and Old Spur.



OBSERVED: A mexican brush picker in this area was picking brush to sell when he heard this sound from an old skid road as if something was making a lot of growls, squils and brush breaking so he thought he would find out what it was! The growling got real loud. He then he stepped up this side hill and on the other side Rodregies said he saw a bear, black in colour laying over a vinemaple and not moving." So he moved slowly closer when just in front of him about 50 feet away was this very large thing standing up. It was about 7 feet tall, dark brown in colour and it had it's back to him so he got on his hands and knees and watched this thing called Bigfoot that he had heard about in this area. Rodregies said the creature just stopped what ever it was doing and turned quickly and looked at him with eyes of fire. He said they were very red like a devil and that's when he ran to the truck screaming the devil is after him. The Bigfoot had red glowing eyes and the winess said he will never go back into the woods again. His boss took the crew out of the area because they are afraid of this Bigfoot. Rodregies wife called me and said her husband will not go to work and they are moving to another State but wanted to tell someone about it. She saw me on Evening Magazine, Kings Seattle, Washington show and got hold of me with the story. Her husband claimed there was blood everywhere and the Bigfoot had a large cut on it's back and it was bleeding.

OTHER WITNESSES: Pick brush to sell.

OTHER STORIES: The family are very scared this creature may come looking for them.Witness said he was told by Indians that this will happen because the Bigfoot has looked at him.

ENVIRONMENT: This guy said the bush area is thick with vinemaple sallau brush and other trees, fur, hemlock cedar and alder berry vines.

A & G References: Pg 75, D6

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- Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

- Founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization,1995.

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