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Report # 69553  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, August 9, 2021.
Possible encounter in darkness outside Cle Elem

YEAR: 2017

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 08/27/2021

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Kittitas County

LOCATION DETAILS: Free Range Cattle Area
Free state campground



OBSERVED: The incident took place during the summer of 2017 in the Teanaway area of Kittitas County, just outside of Cle Elum WA. Our group was built of 4 persons staying the night in a free camping area. I do not remember the exact date only it was late August.

The campground only had one trailer in the entire area, and it was a family with two small children. We were in two tents. I had drawn the short straw and was sleeping in the back of one of our vehicles.

The campground is very remote (no cell service) one road in kind of situation. And runs along a river. It also coincides with free-range area for cattle.

We spent the day playing games and hanging out at the river. The night was spent by the fire, typical camping trope. We all retired to our sleeping quarters. It was about 3 in the morning when I woke to rustling outside.

I was in the back of the jeep had taken up, the windows were down, and the doors unlocked. It was pitch black outside and when I sat up and looked out. There hunched over the picnic table was a large black mass going through our stuff/trash.

Yes I understand the variables at play in this
situation. We had left our trash out, racoons or bears being the best bet. However the argument I have and what I know for a fact and what plays over in my head. This mass was almost leaning on the bench seating, and hunching over and cycling through our bags and trash. Not to mention later that morning once we had all got to go out and inspect the area. There was no mess, no trash scattered, or a scene that happens when animals do come into camp.

When I saw it at first my natural instinct was (Bear) so I slowly rolled up the windows, and locked the doors. I watched this thing from about 15 feet away. An Absolute black mass in pitch dark forest, move from one side of the camp to the other. I didnt have a flashlight. Even if i used my phone, I was shaking with fear, for myself and my friends who were feet away in tents. I laid down and closed my eyes and just waited till light broke through the trees.

When I sat up again with barely an hour of sleep, it was now 8 in the morning. And to my left was a massive Bull (Cow). It meandered around camp for a few minutes but didnt do anything. At first I chalked thats experience up to it being a cow. But the cow left distinct hoof marks and and the length of the cow was not what I saw. Not to mention this figure I witnessed was tall, I couldnt put a number on it. And it showed a certain dexterity only a "biped" sort of thing could.

I wanna note that I have gone every which way to make this a bear. In my head I play it back and try to make it out as a bear and bear only, but it just does seem possible as such. Only till now do I see it as something else.

ALSO NOTICED: Now that I think of it, the bag of Charcoal briquets was the main target, and when we went and looked at it in the morning, some was gone and marks all over the bag.

OTHER WITNESSES: My friends in the tents only heard the noises outside, the rustling and grunting that occurred while it was going through the bags.

OTHER STORIES: This is a first for me. And like I like I said, I want to believe this was a black bear, or racoons. But the pieces are not adding up to that conclusion. It wasn't until I told this story to some friends who recommended I report it.

Very dark, forest area no outside light (no moonlight)

ENVIRONMENT: Forested area near river.
Maintained campground not just open forest.
Campsite had provided firepit and picnic table.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jeff Sidebottom:

I spoke to the witness on the phone. He didn't really have any further detail to add other than what he had already put in the report. He did state that the way the creature was positioned over the table and able to reach across it confirms it was not a black bear. He said it was too large and a bear could not have got into that position. No tracks were found. The only thing that was really messed with was the charcoal which the creature seemed highly interested in.

About BFRO Investigator Jeff Sidebottom:

25 years as a Journeyman Tool & Die Maker/Machinist. Went back to school, earned Associates Degree in Computer Electronics Engineering, then Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Security. Worked in the Telecommunications field for more than a decade. Currently manages a company phone system serving 43 sites in 2 states.

Originally from Kentucky. Grew up hunting and hiking. Spent much time in the woods and forests. Moved to Washington state in 2013. Loves the Pacific Northwest. Firm believer in Bigfoot since childhood. Has FLIR thermal imager and nightvision scope.