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Report # 6347  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, May 16, 2003.
Daylight sighting by residents near Yakima River

YEAR: 1965

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Yakima County

LOCATION DETAILS: parker washington out side of yakima washington

NEAREST TOWN: parker out side of yakima

NEAREST ROAD: the old yakima road to wapato

OBSERVED: when i was a kid we lived out side of yakima out in the country by parker a little town out side of yakima . Near the yakima river matter of fact we were so close to the river that in the spring when the river rose we had to move the animals an go into town .the woods were thick we had a pig pen it was a long ways away from the house really thickly wooded. all the time we lived there you wood hear shrill whistling whistling in the bushes
at this time we were maybe ten years old never heard of bigfoot before im 48 years old now so it was long ago.It was in the ninteen sixtys way before roger patterson nobody knew about bigfoot . Well anyway us kids were sent into the woods to feed the cows at the big pond . We had two cows we had a little wagon with a bail of hay on it .We left it there for them to eat we left and stopped by the river to talk. Four of us kids we were all looking the same way when all of a sudden 30 feet away something something stepped from the clearing in full view of us took one step maybe six feet an dissapeared behind a bush it was id say eight feet tall hairy it took one step and was gone .We alllooked at each other an ran home nobody beleived us the said it may have been a hunter or something . that was the end of it . It was years later that i learned what it really was .I was 40 years old looking in a library when i saw something about it and what i read told of sightings of bigfoot in the same place where we lived the same years we lived there. It didnt try to chase us we were kids it could have caught us easily but i think it was just watching us . I also reamember my aunt going to kook for us kids at anoughter time at the pig pen we came home anighter way she came running up out of breath she heard a loud whistle behind her in the bushes i remmber hearing those all the time even in the daytime they were so shrill. Once my aunt was alone at the house at night she came out side to get into the car to pick us up in town she herd the shrill whistle behind her next to the house she tore out out of there so fast she drove right therw the loced fence. all of this is true he does exist i saw him . I have other stories to tell im half indian i spent my whole life in the yakima valley.

ALSO NOTICED: it was big walked like a man.never thyed to hurt anyone . Think it was just curious just watched us.

OTHER WITNESSES: four of us . other aunts and uncles always herd the whistels.

OTHER STORIES: in books.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it didnt matter all the time we lived there.

ENVIRONMENT: lots of cotten wood trees by the river thickly wooded.

Follow-up investigation report:

Witness had described the area around sighting before the interstate was constructed north of the Yakima River. Area was used year round for various activities such as fishing, camping, swimming, and some hunting.

"As kids we were told never to play outside in the dark. Grandma would always tell us of the hairy man that would come out at night. All kids that lived on the reservation were told stories of bigfoot, thought it was meant to keep us from playing outside when it got dark."

"This was all before the new highway was built... back before the road was paved...there was only one gravel road that used to go back there... back by our place."

Not uncommon today to see deer and elk running through the area as populated as the area has become. Today driving by site there is a speedway and gravel company that are within a few hundred yards of area where witness spotted the figure.

Witness also relayed other stories of the closed areas of the reservation, mentioning Potato Hill, which is on the north side of Mt. Adams, west boundary of the Yakima Reservation and also mentioned in a few books about Sasquatch. "My grandmother told me that she had seen one up in that area when she was young, picking huckleberries."