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Report # 62354  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, January 9, 2019.
Son and father observe possible bigfoot family 17mi NE of Bellingham, near Sumas Mountain. See map

YEAR: 2018

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 2nd weekend

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Whatcom County

LOCATION DETAILS: Main street in everson turns into south pass rd

NEAREST TOWN: Everson Washington

NEAREST ROAD: Paradise valley rd off of South pass rd

OBSERVED: It was the second weekend in September 2018, my father and I went for a drive up Sumas mountain like we've done many times before when we decided to stop at this clear cut over looking the valley. It was about 9pm in the evening and we were scanning the clear cut with our flashlights when we first saw the eyeshine in the distance approximately 150 to 200yards. We saw 3 pairs of eye shine and at different heights thinking at first we are seeing  a mother bear and cubs but after shining our flashlights in their direction the larger creature charged up the hill along the tree line grunting and hollering then stopped and waited for the other 2. Thats when we got our flashlights on it and it was large and brown. Then the larger one turned into the woods heading towards us breaking down branches and saplings then it just stopped and everything went silent. As my dad and I sat there the other 2 sat on the edge of the tree line just watching us they walked around a bit but every time we made a noise they would stop what they were doing and just watched us.

The eyeshine was an orangeish glow. It also seemed as if one was small cause you would see its head pop up behind stumps and logs, this went on for 3 hours.

At about midnight the larger creature came out from the tree line. We got our flashlights on it. That's when my dad and I  saw this creature step over a log and proceed to walk down hill on 2 legs and that's when the other 2 followed it.

I hollered at it and you could see it turn and look at us and you could see the head bob just like when a person is walking down hill.

You should know there are no brown bears on Sumas mountain. a

ALSO NOTICED: The following day my brother and I went to check out the area in the daylight and found the ground was all tore up but it had been so dry for some time that you could not make out any footprints.

OTHER WITNESSES: My father and I

OTHER STORIES: My father and mother were in that area about a week earlier gathering berries when clear as day he said they both heard 1 whoop and nothing else after.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 9pm to midnight with clear skies

ENVIRONMENT: Clearcut forest

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Llewellyn:

I talked to the son and dad by phone.

They go to this area often and that evening they observed with their flashlights three different sized figures. It was difficult for them to estimate heights, but the medium size figure was one head length shorter than the large one and the smallest was half that height.

They got the impression the large one was mad when it charged up the hill as there was screaming with the grunting and hollering. It went up a steep hill very fast. It seemed to the son that it moved fifty yards in just a couple seconds.

I asked what they thought the figures were doing all this time and the witnesses could only guess they were trying to hide, yet would move around some. The medium figure would come in and out of the tree line. The dad said it would step behind a tree but seemed to be watching the smaller one. The dad said they saw the smaller one pop its head up from behind a stump or log three times. The son described the eye shine as orange and the dad said yellow-orange.

The dad said they were not sure exactly what they were seeing until the large one came back out of the tree line. This is when both had their flashlights on it. Both witnesses saw it walk upright on two legs, arm swing, arm below the hip. It was brown, big and powerful, maybe 700 pounds. It was too far to see details such as hair length, etc. The dad said he saw it walk for at least twenty yards, the son said twenty to forty yards. They did not detect any foul odor.

As mentioned, the son went back the next day. He went to the log they saw the large figure step over. The son is six feet, one inch tall and could not step over the log, only slide over it.

The son had an Energizer 1300 lumens flashlight and his dad an 1100 lumens. The flashlights were set on spotlight or narrow beam. There are many models of flashlights but I found one Energizer 1300 lumens that listed beam distance of 230 meters = 251 yards.

About BFRO Investigator Kevin Llewellyn:

Kevin has camped, fished and hunted in Eastern Washington all his life. His interest in Sasquatch began when he was 10 years old and saw Roger Patterson present "the" film. He lives in Eastern Washington.

Recently retired, he was a veterinarian since 1984, after graduating from Washington State University.

He attended Washington BFRO expeditions in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019. Oregon in 2015 and 2018, Montana in 2017 and 2018. He was co-leader of N.E. Washington 2019, Washington 2020, 2021 #1 & #2, and Montana 2020, 2021expeditions.