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Report # 5609  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Travis P. on Friday, January 10, 2003.
Child has encounter while looking at the night sky

YEAR: 1985

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: Rapides Parish



OBSERVED: This is in reference to report #3777, its occurance was in Pineville, Lousiana.

I believe that throughout the course of my life, (I'm 27 now), I have encountered this "bigfoot" twice, possibly three times in three different states. My second encounter was when I also lived in Pineville, La! In a log cabin on the Donahue Ferry road to be exact. It was 1985 watching TV show of Haleys comet. It was fairly late ( I was eleven and it was way past my bedtime) in the evening. There was almost no moon as I stood out in the back yard looking up at the sky to see the comet. The house had a large yard bordered by a pine forest on two sides. As I looked up at the sky I was startled to death by an EXTREMELY loud scream that came from the very edge of the forest aboout 100 feet away. I immediately started running back up a small hill toward my house when the high pitched scream blasted my ear drums again. The whole time I was running toward the house (75 feet away), I kept my eyes focused on the origination of the sound coming from the forest edge. While running, I slipped and lost my balance a little (as a result of not watching where I was going). When I did this, it seemed to startle what I could now see as a very large upright creature standing in the shadows. It had been there the whole time, I just didn't see it because it hadn't moved until I slipped. Its head came to the bottom branches of the trees that it was standing next to. I ran inside and told my father who dismissed it as a screech owl from the comfort of his lazy boy. I honestly don't know how he DIDN'T hear the scream. The next day I went out to the tree and, with some scrap wood, climbed up it and sat in the branch that was closest to its head. I remember sitting there with my legs dangling thinking that it was too high for me to just jump straight down.

ALSO NOTICED: I was and still am an outdoorsman. At the time of this incident, I was basically living the life of Huck Finn. I was barefoot ALL the time and if I was outside, I was back in the swamps catching things or shooting them with my sling shot. I had heard hoot owls, screech owls, pumas, etc. What I heard that night was definately NOT a screech owl.


OTHER STORIES: Yes! report #3777 prompted me to submit mine...

I have two other instances that I will share via phone if interested.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: mid to late eve, clear sky
little or no moon, some lights shone out from the house. A neighbors flood light could be seen off in the distance

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest and swamps nearby

Topozone map of general area