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Report # 5452  (Class A)
Submitted by witness S.H. on Tuesday, December 10, 2002.
A large bipedal animal seen in the headlights on hwy 12, 5 miles East of Packwood

YEAR: 1969


MONTH: November

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Lewis County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was west of the Chinook pass turn off and before your reach the bottom of the pass.



OBSERVED: This report is being submitted after reading the Chronical report in the paper and learning of other similar experiences.

My name is S.H., at the time of the sighting I was attending WSU and had to return home from college for some things I needed to take care of. I left Pullman late in the afternoon and did not get to the White pass area until sometime after 1 or 2 am in the morning. It was dark and in the fall, I guess it was around the first part of November. The year was 1969 and I was a sophmore in College. I was coming down the west side of the pass and was just past the chinook pass cutoff and was headed around the big sweeping corner that was near the bottom of the hill when my headlights picked up on the right side of the car somthing moving and coming up the side of the road. since this was a bank, I first saw the head and then as it moved up the bank more of it's body became visable. It did not look at me or the head lights of the car. I slowed down as I was not sure what it was going to do and moved into the left hand lane. I remember thinking, What is that, is it a bear? No, but I had no explination of what it was I was seeing.

As I slowed down, the animal which was standing on two legs steped over the guard rail and turned to start walking up the hill. The animal acted as if I was not even there. It did not seem startled or scared or frightened. It was like I was not even there. The size of it must have been eight feet tall or taller as the guard rail was of little difficulty for the animal to step over. It never looked directly at me but seemed to be moving with a purpose.

The animal was completely covered with hair with long arms. It did not have the typical bear head and pointed nose, nor did it look ape like either. It's movement was very graceful and smooth and as I mentioned walked upright. The hair on the animal,in the head lights, seemed black but with brown highlights. the whole sighting probably lated no mor than 15 seconds. as I passed by it in the left lane, it had turned to walk up the hill.

As I drove down the road I tried to rationalize what it was I saw. It was not a bear, or an ape like we see in the zoo, I have often thought, was I seeing things having driven so far without stoping, but still I am clear I saw something that I have never seen before. I did not turn around and go back, although I thought about it but felt that it would have been long gone.

I am writing this having seen this animal over 32 years ago and have kept it to myself, but the other reported sightings in the Chronicle caused me to add verification to what it was that I saw that evening.


OTHER WITNESSES: none. Just me in the car

OTHER STORIES: not until I read the Chronicle.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1-2 am in the morning, It was a clear night, no rain as I recall, and no snow yet in the mountains

ENVIRONMENT: As I was headed west on the left side of the car was a steep rock wall and on the right where the animal came from it was forest and brush. it came walking staight up the side of the road bank. I don't remember it using it's hands.

A & G References: page 48 C-4

Follow-up investigation report:

S.H. read the Chronicle article on 12-6-02 that listed 52 reported sasquatch incidents in Lewis County. One of the many incident reports came from almost the exact location
and sounded so similar to his experience, S.H. felt compelled to share his story. Please see related report # 3202 "Nighttime sighting by family on hwy 12 near Packwood Labor Day weekend. I found this wittness to be very credible.