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Report # 4985  (Class B)
Submitted by witness K. and N. on Thursday, September 19, 2002.
Vocalizations heard by couple at dawn near Randle

YEAR: 2002


MONTH: September

DATE: 19

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Lewis County

LOCATION DETAILS: One mile at the dead end of Cropsey Dr. which is off of Kiona about one mile from the intersection of Savio and Kiona Savio is off of Hiwy 12



OBSERVED: My wife and I were wakened by the loudest vocalization I have ever heard , similar to a Peacock but much louder and more timber to its voice , there was no anxiety in its voice not a scream but more of a call , it called about 12 times then went silent I went outside and tried to mimic its call at which time it answered me about 6 times getting closer with each call , close enough that I felt uncomfortable enough to go back inside. I would say it went as far as the edge of my yard where it could have seen me through the trees and still remain unseen. The odd part about this is that not one of my 3 dogs barked they were very alert and tense. These dogs bark at the slightest provacation one of these dogs I had to fit with a bark collar to stop her nuisance barking


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7:15 am clear and sunny

ENVIRONMENT: heavy timber doug fir

A & G References: page 47 D - 8

Follow-up investigation report:

K and N called my wife a few hours after the vocalizations have stopped that morning. I spoke with them that same night by phone and then made a site visit the following afternoon. This event took place 4 days past the Tianapam sighting (report # 4940,“Morning sighting by three fishermen near the east end of Riffe Lake”) not six miles away as the crow flies.

K. and N. were very impressed by the massive volume this animal produced. K. stepped out on the back porch and began to imitate the noise this animal made. The
animal had quit vocalizing, but immediately began again upon K. imitation. The animal moved very swiftly in his direction, spooking K. back into the house. K. explained;
“That thing, came right to the edge of the tree line in our back yard. I am sure it could see me, but I could not see it.”

We scoured the trees looking for any sign of a large primate. There were scuff marks that could possibly have been tracks. They seemed to be about 4-5 feet apart and the underbrush and understory had been disturbed. Something big had been there. There
also are plenty of deer and elk that regularly visit their back yard.

I played recorded vocalizations of reported sasquatches, that matched the description they both described. They both felt that the Puyallup and Snohomish vocalizations were very much the same in their experience, with a few differences. This voice was
deeper in tenor and had a “throat clearing” at the end of it.

I found behavior of the three dogs interesting in that they were very vocal and noisy the entire time we were there. But K. and N. described them and very alert and nervous,
but quite the entire time this thing was vocalizing.

Update: as of 12/8/02 these vocalizations are still happening. But not as close to the house as it was that day. N. believed there is more than one of them and that the coyotes often join in the choirs effort. There is also a wolf howl they have been able to identify. This could be a domesticated wolf gone wild again.