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Report # 47161  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, November 24, 2014.
Dark figure observed thru binoculars during an afternoon on Baker Lake near Swift Creek

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 14

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Whatcom County

LOCATION DETAILS: Take Hwy 20 east from I5 to Concrete, WA. and then north on Baker Lake Rd. Continue until you see the sign for Swift creek campground.

I can show the location on the google map.


NEAREST ROAD: Baker Lake Rd.

OBSERVED: My son (age 31) and I had spent the night sleeping in our truck camper in the Horseshoe Cove campground at Baker Lake, WA. The next morning, Sat. June 14, 2014, we decided to drive up Baker Lake Rd. to look at the other campgrounds. We pulled into the Swift creek campground (formerly Baker Lake Resort) and paid for space 34. We parked our truck in our campsite and then took a walk above the lake shore. We came to an area that had a picnic table above the lake shore. Over to the right of us were a few people swimming in the swimming area. I sat on top of the picnic table with my feet on the bench (my son was over to the left of me, taking close up pictures of some flowers on the ground) and I was looking across Baker Lake to the other side of the lake with my binoculars. I was looking at the tree line near the shore directly across from me from left to right. Something caught my eye near a tree. It looked like a head next to one of the trees. I didn't see the whole part of a body going all the way down to the ground. I saw only the upper area of a body near the head and it seemed to be peaking out from the left side of the tree. My first thought was, it is watching the people over to the right of me swimming. I watched it for a few minutes trying to figure out if it was part of the tree, or a head with a face. I watched through my binoculars for a few minutes and sometimes would look from left to right of it and then back at it again. For a few minutes I kept seeing this head next to the tree and then I looked away and then back at it, and it was gone. That's when I realized that it was a head because it disappeared. If it was part of the tree, it would still be there. I told my son that I thought I saw a head near a tree and he didn't pay much attention to what I had said. He kept taking pictures of flowers. I can't definitely say it was a Bigfoot because I only saw a head, but a human would probably not be across the lake peaking out from the side of a tree. This didn't look like a human head. I have always had an interest in Bigfoot and I do believe they exist. Up until now I haven't seen one. My son and I thought we heard one yelling late at night back in Montana, north of Columbia falls.

OTHER WITNESSES: Only one, me. I was looking across the lake with binoculars.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was in the early afternoon. I don't remember the exact time. Weather was cloudy. The sun wasn't shining through the clouds. It wasn't raining.

ENVIRONMENT: Forest with Lake. Campgrounds in the forest area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Laura Roeder:

The witness is a professional from Lynden, WA, who lives with her adult son, a student. They are experienced campers and she has very good observational skills, as she enjoys searching for various kinds of wildlife.

She was very specific with her description of the surroundings during our conversation. There was a group of people swimming not far from her, to the south east. Attached is a Google Earth photo with her comments denoting her position along with the figure's position relative to her and her son. From where she was sitting overlooking the lake, the figure appeared approximately 1,000 feet away through her binoculars.

The witness was actually looking for animals as she sat on a picnic table, while her son, who is studying photography, took macro shots of flowers nearby. When she first spotted the figure, it appeared to be kind of a strange-looking part of a tree. Once she came back to the tree after sweeping back and forth several times and part of the "tree" was gone, she realized that what she thought might have been part of the tree must've been a head.

She noted that what she had been looking at had appeared to have vertical clumps of hair (she thought bark at first), which sort of stood up on top, almost like a low mohawk. It was very dark brown to black and she thought may have been a head and part of the upper body. It was not windy that day, so there weren't branches moving in and out of her field of view. It appeared to be almost thin, or gangly to her, which is similar to one of one of my personal sightings.

She noted that there was no difference in color from what appeared to be the top of the head to the lower portion near what would have been shoulders, but it did look like clumps of hair. This was observed within the shadows of the tree line in moderately dense cover across the Swift Creek outlet. The witness estimated that the head may have been about 6 feet off the ground. She also knew from having scouted the area previous to this, while looking for a camp site, that there was a road (Baker Lake Road) some distance behind where she saw this figure. The witness mentioned what she had seen to her son, who then used the lens on his camera to search the area, but he saw nothing.

Report 10509 and report #12997, are also in the immediate area, as well as many non-BFRO reported sightings as well. I am familiar with this area, as I have worked another report with several other investigators (not published) from a nearby resort off Baker Lake Road.

I believe this witness likely observed a sasquatch who was watching the people who were swimming for these reasons: What she thought was part of a tree was no longer there after she had observed the area side to side repeatedly. There was no wind to move branches. There appeared to be hair-like features on the top of the figure. There are a large number of reports from the immediate area.

About BFRO Investigator Laura Roeder:

Laura Roeder is an IT analyst in the aerospace industry living near Seattle, Washington. She had a Class A sighting while cave hunting near Mt. Adams in 2004 and another on a private group expedition in 2012. She has also had multiple Class B encounters in southwest Washington and various locations around Washington state over a span of approximately 20 years. She attended the 2012 Western Washington BFRO expedition, co-hosted the 2013 WA Cascades Area #1 expedition, and assisted at the 2013 WA Area #2 and 2013 Olympic Peninsula expeditions. She continues to do research and attend expeditions as available.