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Report # 46520  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, September 14, 2014.
Homeowner has possible encounter while in his yard near Ocean Shores

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: can't remember

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

NEAREST TOWN: Ocean Shores Washington

NEAREST ROAD: Pt. Brown Avenue

OBSERVED: I went out to get a couple empty plant pots located at the north corner of my house. I had some stacked up in a box. To the north and behind my house, the neighbors dog was barking like crazy from inside their fenced off back yard... There's thick barrier of brush between me and the next lot facing west so I couldn't really see the dog. I grabbed the two small pots and stood up and yelled at the dog to "shut up" just then the bushes in front of me started thrashing like crazy and deep growl/grunt/exhale emanated from behind them. It was surreal as sound seemed to penetrate right through me, whatever it was, it wasn't happy.

Instinctively, I started to cover the distance to my shed about 35 feet and while I was on my way, I could feel/hear the ground pounding as "whatever" was moving for cover in the brush to the south. It was like "boom, boom, boom, boom then it crashed into the woods and there was loud sound of sticks/branches breaking... I ducked to the shed and just stood there, confused as to what just happened. I waited for what seemed to be a few minutes, grabbed a sledge hammer for some protection and was just about to make a break for the house, when the bushes and branches behind the shed started snapping, again; it was like a buffalo was charging through them... So, I stayed put and I was getting kind of freaked out. Then there was silence for a few minutes and I made the dash for the house. Once inside I grabbed my Mossberg 500 loaded with "00" buckshot and headed back out on my back deck. There was nothing to see and even the dog was quiet... I thought about looking for tracks but, I reasoned it out that whatever could make the ground shake like that would be best left alone. I'm a cautious person by nature.

I would have chaulked this up to maybe being a bear except for the pounding foot steps that shook the ground... I've had bear run past me before in this yard as I've been here for 19 years. There was no tell tale Squatch smell as the wind was blowing from the South West... However, two days later, there was a horrible musky skunk smell coming through my bedroom window. Needless to say, I closed it... Something was still out there...

I've told this story to a few friends and it got me some weird looks...

After recently reading "The Hoopa Project" and the many incidences recounted with ground shaking foot falls, I say, put me down for a class "B" incident that was too close for comfort... I think twice about going out to the mail box now.

ALSO NOTICED: Two days later, there was a horrible musky skunk smell coming through my bedroom window.

OTHER WITNESSES: No one else, just the neighbors dog and he's not talking.

OTHER STORIES: Not aware of any related to my incident, however there has been a few Squatch sighting here in Ocean Shores in the past. One in 2012 about mile away.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 2 or 3 in the afternoon

ENVIRONMENT: Overcast, with a Southwest breeze light rain/mist. The lot behind be was not entirely visible because of brush at the property line.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

I talked with this witness on the phone on October 7th 2014. Later I met him in-person at the Sasquatch Summit on November 22nd 2014, and then the next day I met him at his residence to see the actual location and get a better feel for what had happened.

Talking to this witness on the phone, he generally told me the same thing as is on his written report. However, he also told of seeing a reddish colored sasquatch cross the road when he was traveling the Moclips Highway in 2005.

While at his residence, I asked the witness to walk me through the events and indicate where the creature was and where he was at the time. The house is oriented generally north-south, with the back facing west. The witness came out of his house and went to the northwest corner to get his pots. The dog was barking from the property to the northwest of his property across a green-belt. The distance through the green-belt was about 40 feet to the neighbor’s property. The distance from the house to the brush is only about 15 feet. The witness grabbed his pots, and then shouted at the dog to shut up. At this moment, the bushes started to shake and something very large growled at him loudly from only about 7 feet inside the brush. He said that he could feel the vibration go through him from the growl. Although the witness could not see it directly due to the thick brush, he could tell that it moved in a south-westerly direction. The witness commented that its bi-pedal steps seemed to shake the ground. The witness made a dash for the shed at the south-west corner of the house and grabbed a sledge hammer for protection. After what seemed like three minutes standing there, he was about to make a dash for his porch and the back-door, when the creature started moving through the brush on the south side of his house. He was quite upset, and stayed in place until it was quiet, and then ran to the house to get his shotgun. He said that he smelled no odor, as the wind was blowing away from him. However a few days later, he smelled a very bad odor, which by his description was quite like what other people, including myself have smelled in the presence of a sasquatch.

His house is surrounded on three sides by very heavy coastal brush. The lots to the north and south are undeveloped and there is the green-belt behind his house. Also, to the south is a very large lot that is undeveloped. There are plenty of places to hide in the area, as this type of coastal brush is very dense. There are also a lot of deer, which are unafraid of people. The people there who I have talked-to claim that there are fewer raccoons than there used to be, although I did see a bob-tailed raccoon cross the road right in front of me only a few blocks from this witnesses home that day in daylight.

This is the fourth report from this general area. Three are BFRO submissions, this one, Report #41111, Report #40381, and one that was reported to one of the other witnesses, who passed it on to me. (This report the witness does not wish to formally report). These reports are for the time of year from October through March. This indicates to me that this could likely be a wintering area. It should also be noted that although when viewed using Google Earth this area looks very developed, probably 2/3 of the homes are seasonal dwellings that are unoccupied this time of year. If you drive through the area at night you can see that it is very dark. This would enable unseen movement from place to place.

About BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

Scott Taylor is a retired aerospace manager. He lives in Mason County, Washington. He had his first bigfoot encounter in October 2005 where he was stalked and later heard vocalizations. He attended official BFRO Expeditions in the Washington Cascades in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. He also attended the 2007 BFRO Expedition in the central Oregon Cascades and the 2007 Utah Expedition in the Uinta's. He attended the 2008 and 2009 Olympic Peninsula Expeditions and co-lead the 2013 Expedition. He has participated in numerous speaking engagements over the past 17 years.