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Report # 45726  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, July 2, 2014.
Dirt bike riders hear possible knocks north of Lake Wenatchee

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 22

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Chelan County

LOCATION DETAILS: I have the exact loacation marked on my cell phone gps and am more than happy to show it.


NEAREST ROAD: Chiwawa Loop road

OBSERVED: June 22, 2014
While on a dirt bike riding trip with three friends we came to an intersection of two dirt roads about 7 miles north of Plain, WA. As soon as we stopped and turned off the motorcycles we heard what sounded like someone hitting a tree with a stick. We initially didn't think much of it as we were not familiar with the immediate area and assumed that there were people near by. Two of us walked closer to the intersection to see if there were other motorcycles or vehicles parked down the road. We found none. After several minutes, hearing no other sounds, I picked up a stick and hit a tree two times. Within three seconds we heard two or three very loud tree knocks. At this time we got on our motorcycles and left the area immediately. The next day two of us returned to the same location to see if we could find a trail or a campsite in the area where we heard the knocking. The forest was thick and there were no signs of any trails or camping sites . I have the exact location marked on my cell phone gps.

OTHER WITNESSES: 4 wittnesses, riding dirt bikes

OTHER STORIES: I understand that there was an incident just a few miles away at the thousand trails campground some time ago.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a nice day sunny and warm. It was about 1:00pm

ENVIRONMENT: pine and fir forest

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Darrel Verney:

This witness has participated in outdoor pursuits for over 40 years, sometimes spending a week at a time. As a hunter, he has become adept at discerning the noise and sounds that wildlife and humans make in the woods.

When they stopped at the intersection and turned off their bikes, they removed their helmets. The forest was silent. The witness has experienced that eerie feeling of total silence in the woods twice in his life. Some know that feeling. It’s that kind of deafening silence that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up and gives you goosebumps. This was the second of those two times. The first time was in the same area, so the dirt bike rider’s “hackles” were up when they heard the knocks.

They initially thought someone was messing with them but found no one there. They estimated the distance to the knocks to be between 100 and 150 feet.

They weren’t comfortable staying around after the witness hit a tree with a stick and they heard loud tree knocks in response. The next day they spent time searching for any reason someone would be back in that thick forest but could find none.

The witness has only told a few people of this encounter, without his dirt bike friends with him to back him up. He has seen the disbelief others express.

However, when he told his stepfather, who spends more time in the woods than anyone else he knows, his stepfather told of an experience he had while hunting. Back in the 70’s, he came across a large nest. It stunk to high heaven and made his hair stand on end.

The general location of this encounter has a history of Sasquatch reports, including sightings and what is thought to be typical Sasquatch behavior. Under the circumstances, this investigator believes it is highly unlikely that a person created the tree knocks these dirt bike riders heard.

About BFRO Investigator Darrel Verney:

Originally from Alaska, Darrel now lives in north central Washington. He studied Wildlife Biology and Wildlands Recreation, and has worked for the National Park Service and National Forest Service in the past. He feels fortunate in having had several sightings and numerous encounters during expeditions and informal outings. Darrel has attended the Redwoods ’06, North Cascades ’08, ’09 & '16, Olympic ’09 & ’11, and Morton ’12 & ’13 expeditions.