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Geographical Index > United States > Louisiana > East Feliciana Parish > Report # 4552
Report # 4552  (Class B)
Submitted by witness D. R. on Monday, June 24, 2002.
Strange late night sounds heard near Norwood

YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 28

STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: East Feliciana Parish

LOCATION DETAILS: State Line road runs between East Feliciana Parrish Louisiana and Wilkensin county Mississippi
State Line Road is a gravel road


NEAREST ROAD: State Line Road

OBSERVED: About two or three years ago I was rabbit hunting using a flashlight. It was about 10pm and I was walking out of the woods, down an old lane. I could hear something following me off to my side in the bushes. At first I thought it was an armadillo or something like that but I could not see anything when I would shine my flashlight in that direction. The movement sounded to be only about ten feet from me. Everytime I would stop, it would stop. Whenever I would shine my light over there I could see nothing. After it followed me for about a hundred and fifty yards I got a little scared and turned the flashlight off and took off running the rest of the way to my truck.

OTHER WITNESSES: Rabbit hunting alone at night with a flashlight.

OTHER STORIES: Witness said that he found out that a friend of his had a similar incident in the same area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About ten at night, partly cloudy, good moonlight. Able to see a little bit without flashlight.

ENVIRONMENT: Moderate forest w/ combination hardwood and pinetrees. The lane I was on was once used to lead to an old house back there that had been abandoned a few years before.

Follow-up investigation report:

In interview with witness I asked if he thought there might be someone out there following him, he said "Ain't no person gonna move through that brush like that. It was a lot of briars and it was thick." I asked what made him think it was not an armadillo and he said he could see saplings being moved in the brush that were ten and fifteen feet tall.