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Report # 4458  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, June 4, 2002.
Father and son hear screams identical to the one on the BFRO website.

YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Summer



COUNTY: Hancock County

LOCATION DETAILS: Fostoria Ohio, a small town in northwest Ohio located in the middle of three counties, Wood, Handcock, and Seneca. Our Neighborhood “Kelly Edition” is a large, lush, neighborhood on the outskirts of town just separated from the country side by the next neighborhood, “Westridge”. Behind both neighborhoods lie two small reservoirs side by side. The reservoirs are surrounded by a creek which snakes through the town and leads out into the country side. This provides a very dense tree line around the reservoirs but one can easily cross over from the neighborhood to the reservoir with just a quick hop across the small creek. In other words, our neighborhood is very close to bodies of water in a commonly dry country side.



OBSERVED: It was several years ago, the date itself, I am not sure of. It was a dry summer, a very infamous drout if I remember. It wasn't uncommon for deer, raccoons, and other animals of the country side to wander in towards the edge of town to drink from the creek or reservoirs. This one particular day, my father and I awoke early in the morning to leave for Fremont, it was barely light out, still dark. Birds were chirping and singly beautifully as they do in the morning dawn, but then suddenly we heard it… From what seemed to come from the creek and reservoirs area was an eerie cry that sounded like a sick cow. This cry so primal and terrifying it made the hair on the back of both of our necks stand strait up with fear. Instantly the birds were mostly quiet, their singing replaced by the sound of every dog with in a mile radius, barking wildly at the top of its lungs. My father, a veteran hunter of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio had never heard anything like this before in his life. We tried not to think about it and made sure all the doors on our house were locked before driving off to Fremont. Years later now, I am visiting your website and listening to sound clips of Bigfoot. And one made my heart stop, it was the exact same scream we heard so long ago.

ALSO NOTICED: Dogs barking wildly in response like we've never heard before.


OTHER STORIES: My father had heard stories from hunting buddies about strange eerie wails and screams that would follow them in the night as they hunted, but he'd never thought them to be true, or for that matter what we suspected, a Bigfoot.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning (5:00 AM to 6:00 AM), dark but just turning light over the horizon.

ENVIRONMENT: Creek bottom surrounded by brush near two man made reservoirs.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked to both witnesses about the vocalizations. The father who is an avid outdoorsman has no explanation on what it could have been. He claims to be very familiar with cat screams, owls, and bear grunts. What stood out to him was the way the dogs responded to the series of screams in sheer insanity. In the years he has lived in that area (over 12 years) that was the only time he's ever heard the dogs react like that. When the son listened to the sounds on the BFRO website is when he realized what they heard that morning could have been a Bigfoot.