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Report # 4335  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Michael Ford on Saturday, May 18, 2002.
Vocalization, followed by sighting near Carnation/Fall City

YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Washington

COUNTY: King County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was somewhere near Carnation and Fall City. There was a water treatment plant or reservoir.

NEAREST TOWN: Carnation,Fall City

NEAREST ROAD: Cant remember, it was near a reservoir

OBSERVED: Three co workers and I were putting up communications lines on telephone poles in a bucket truck. We heard high-pitched sounds, almost like an ape, so I started to mimic the sounds. Just then, my co-worker asked me what kind of sound that was that I was making. Then, as he was up in the bucket, he said a man crossed the road. I thought he was just fooling around. As we hung more interduct, I noticed a large hairy animal which crossed the road. At first, I did not think anything of it, but this thing kept walking back and forth out to the middle of the road looking at me. I had my hand over my eyebrows trying to get a better look and to cut the glare off from the sun. This animal was not walking with a limp or bent over. To me, it walked straight up and down like a man. It was looking at me as if I had puzzled it with my impersonation. I would say it was a good 70 yards away. I tried to reason it to be a man, but all the men working in the area had hard hats on with reflective vests-us also.This thing was walking back and forth like you see a wild animal in the zoo. It did pause several times in the middle of the road to look at me, as if it had some kind of intelligence. For some reason I felt it was female. The arms were long and hung at the animal's side. The hips were wider than the shoulders

ALSO NOTICED: When we arrived at about 10am, we heard a high- pitched yell and I asked, "What was that?" It sounded like it was very close to us.

OTHER WITNESSES: Three co-workers heard sound.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: I would say it was about 3pm, sunny
very dry.

ENVIRONMENT: one road in and out pine trees and brush on both sides of the road and I think there were swamps around kind of isolated

A & G References: Washington A&G page 80, D-1

Follow-up investigation report:

Mr. Ford was part of a crew working on telecommunication cable when the sighting occurred. He is quite certain he did not see a bear and that the animal was not a man. He further described the animal as having an all over dark brown/black color. The arms hung long at its sides, they did not move noticeably when the animal walked. As noted in the report, the hips were wider than the shoulders. The animal's head was not large, but did come to a bit of a point. Due to the glare from the sun, Mr. Ford was unable to make out the face very well. Mr. Ford estimated the animal was about 60 yards away from him. He watched it walk back and forth between the bushes and the road at least 3-4 times. Each time it walked into the road, it would stop and look directly at the Mr. Ford, even cocking its head to the right as if trying to figure out what Mr. Ford was. The last time it entered the bushes, Mr. Ford saw the animal's foot as it was walking and noted the foot was extremely large. Mr. Ford estimates the height of the animal to be over 8 feet tall.

The bushes near the road were not as tall as the animal, but were thick and led into heavy areas of Fir.

The other members of the crew were working while Mr. Ford was viewing what he describes as this animal's "display". Mr. Ford stated that the pacing behavior reminded him greatly of an animal pacing in a zoo.

Mr. Ford stated that he knew afterwards he had seen something extraordinary and now firmly believes in the existence of sasquatch.