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Report # 38693  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, January 1, 2013.
New home owners hear possible screams near Issaquah

YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 12/15/2012

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: King County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was in my back yard.


NEAREST ROAD: Withheld to protect privacy

OBSERVED: We bought a new home 2 months ago. It has 5 acres and close to a wild life preserve/park. My husband was the first to tell me he heard something weird. He said it sounded like an owl, but not an owl. I thought he was being silly and ignored it. About 2 weeks ago my husband and I were getting home from a date night (1230 am or so) and I heard the most terrifying sound. It was a shriek similar to the one the female on the Bigfoot hunter show has made (not exactly same but close enough to raise the hair on my back) .My husband said "that's it! Did you hear it??" I tried to stay calm and told him it was probably some kids joking around. I didn't want to tell him what I really thought. I've been woken several times since by the same scream and a few nights ago I woke to what sounded like rocks being thrown at our house. I was too scared to look out the window. This was supposed to be our dream home and now I'm terrified to go in our backyard.not sure what to do. If there is some way to get rid of it or make it move on I'd love to know how.

ALSO NOTICED: I did hear coyotes after..... Don't know if that matters

OTHER WITNESSES: Just my husband, but he doesn't believe in the existence of these animals, and probably wouldn't want to admit he heard anything to anyone else.

OTHER STORIES: No. I haven't asked.sorry

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Alway around 1 am. The few times the vocalizations happened it was cold but clear night . I don't know how it was outside when the rocks were thrown..... I hid rather than look.

ENVIRONMENT: Natural wetland preserve behind my home. Heavy woods.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Chris Gonzales:

The witness lives on a recently purchased 5 acre property near Issaquah. The witness was informed of the BFRO List of Sound Recordings and identified the screams as exactly like the Puyallup and Snohomish screams.

Since that night the witness has heard several screams usually late at night and thought that she heard rocks or pebbles being thrown at her window. While talking to the witness by phone she later stated that the night of the rock throwing incident actually started after her 2 year old child was awakened by the now familiar screaming. The screams originate from the wildlife preserve that the house backs into, and both the master bedroom and the child's room have windows that overlook the backyard. After comforting the crying child the witness returned to her bedroom and then heard what she thought was tapping on the windows. She stated earlier that she thought it was rocks but now thinks it could have been a finger- like tapping on her window.

The witness stated that when the house was sold an 80 foot long piece of fencing was missing and could not be fixed until the summer.

The witness did not want to start any interaction and we discussed her being afraid for the safety of her family. I suggested fixing the fence and installing more lighting on the property.

About BFRO Investigator Chris Gonzales:

Chris is a native of California and has lived in Washington for over 21 years. He has served 11 years in the U.S military. He currently works as Site Coordinator in the city of Preston, Wa. He has attended multiple expeditions in both Washington state and Canada.