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Report # 3518  (Class A)
Submitted by witness W.C. on Wednesday, December 19, 2001.
Morning sighting by hiker, near Shuksan

YEAR: 1984


MONTH: October

DATE: 20

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Whatcom County

LOCATION DETAILS: Cross the river from the trail about 3 miles up and follow the game trail/ native path wasn't traveled by people wearing shoes. Some prints are people others are 3 or 4 times the scale. Could see how the people were trying to cover the sasquatch tracks (with their own track for comparison).



OBSERVED: Mother and child, gray to brown like the bark of the tree. Full hair except around eyes. Deep penetrating gaze. Slight smell like wet dog in a gym locker.

OTHER WITNESSES: Me alone. I was running down the trail enjoying the rush with my full pack on, got the feeling I was being watched, ran for 30 or 40 more yards then stopped to catch a quick breath. Felt it again, turned to see who was looking at me.

I looked and did not see anything then my eyes caught the eyes of the creature. It was the same color as the tree. I froze seeing its shape stepping out from behind the tree. It never broke eye contact. Then it brought the child out and gestured toward me slightly, stooping just like I show my children bear or whales or eagles, motioning as if to say "there is what it looks like, do you see it". It only glanced down at the child and the child and I caught eyes, startled it stepped back behind the tree. The whole time it's mother had a hand on it reassuringly. As it went behind the tree the mother looked me directly in the eyes and leaned forward slightly. The feeling is overwhelming, my hair is standing just typing this.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 10:30 AM. Sun was out in full force.

ENVIRONMENT: Crossing at mountain ledge, one side cliff, one side old growth forest. Up in valley, knee high brush here and there just about 5 minutes down from stream.

A & G References: Pg.110, B4
T39N R9E Sec 31

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness was deer hunting but he wasn't carrying a rifle at the time. He was ahead of the other members of his group.

Between Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker is a crater or depression, and the trail runs along the upper rim. This is where the sighting occurred.

The witness is very familiar with big game and has been tracked by wolves and bear. He knows the feeling one gets when not alone. The event started with finding tracks; then he smelled something like a wet dog, but he thinks the animals moved and the wind stopped transporting the smell to him. Then further along the trail he came within 15 - 20 feet of the adult sasquatch. He didn't notice it at first, until it moved a little. It was multi-colored with gray, brown, and light reds, blending easily with the trees.

The sasquatch was squinting at him, but when it noticed him looking back at it it opened its eyes more, then reached behind a tree and gently moved the child out into view. After the child went back behind the tree he got the impression it wanted him to leave.

He noticed hair on top of the feet, but not on the bottoms. The skin was grayish-pink in color. The face was dog nose in color and texture. The tracks were about 15" in length.

The witness now lives in Juneau Alaska.