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Report # 3107  (Class A)
Submitted by witness R.M. on Monday, September 10, 2001.
Long range sighting of a tall, fast-moving animal traversing a snow field below Table Mountain (Mt. Baker area)

YEAR: 2001


MONTH: September


STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Whatcom County

NEAREST TOWN: Glacier/Bellingham

NEAREST ROAD: Mt.Baker Highway;

OBSERVED: On Sunday, September 9, 200l my husband, Joseph and I were picnicing at Mt. Baker in the area of Heather Meadows. About 2pm we observed a large black figure that appeared to stand erect traversing a snow field below Table Mountain. We were about a thousand feet below and were amazed at the speed the object moved. At first we thought we were watching a person but realized a human could not move at that speed up an ice field. We were mesmerized by the speed and the steepness of the terrain. At that point we knew it was not human. We found a park ranger and he suggested it might have been a bear. However, this thing stood erect the whole time, maybe 10 minutes. Joe and I kidded that we saw Big Foot but the more we think about it the more we don't think it was a bear. Too bad we didn't have our binoculars. I am a teacher in Bellingham and my husband is an accountant. Hopefully, somebody else saw this. Please let us know. Roxanne

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It occured about 2pm. It was a beautiful clear and sunny day, temperature about 60. We were sitting enjoying lunch in the sunshine.

A & G References: Pg.110, B3
48deg 51min 49secN
-121deg 25min 43secW

Follow-up investigation report:

Talked with R.M. on the phone about what she and her husband observed. They took some pictures but only with a 50mm lens. She is sending the negatives and a 3x5 photo with a post-it note showing what to look for. I will blow it up to see if anything can be seen in it.

Both she and her husband were quite surprised that the upright figure could travel as fast as it did up the ice field. At the top of the slope, the object turned left (which I assume to be NW) and traveled along the ridge a ways before disappearing behind it.

The object was very dark and taller than it was wide or long, suggesting to them that indeed it was walking upright. It did not move like a four legged animal would going uphill.

There were a lot of other people nearby but no one, including the ranger, saw what they did.


I received a set of negatives and a couple of 3x5 prints. The prints had sticky notes attached, pointing to what is believed to be an upright figure traversing an ice field.

I had the negatives enlarged to the maximum capacity and 8x10 prints made. There is no discernable object in one of them, the other shows something in front of a rock outcropping but cannot be made out. These enlargements are at the limits of the lens and film resolution used. The sticky notes had been placed pointing at rock outcrops. At the resolution of the 3x5, only memory could serve distinction as to where to place them.