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Geographical Index > United States > Washington > Yakima County > Report # 3038
Report # 3038  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, August 25, 2001.
Evening sighting by motorist near Glenwood

YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Summer


DATE: June 11

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Yakima County



OBSERVED: June 11th. 6:00 pm.
Witnessed large creature crossing road north of Glewood on Yakima Indian Reservation returning from the K 1400 raft launch on the Klickitat river. Headed from north to south possibly enroute to Bird Creek.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mid evening. Shadow casts from trees.

ENVIRONMENT: Thick forest

Follow-up investigation report:

Jeff Lemley and I were able to meet with the witness at the sighting location. We recreated the scene, Jeff modeling the movements of the animal and the witness and I driving toward the location at the same speed he was traveling at the time of the sighting. The recreation of the event revealed the following:
1. The animal was 2-3 feet taller than Jeff's (5'10").
2. The animal's stride was nearly twice the length of Jeff's.
3. The grey/dirty white color was the color and not light
reflection and shadows. The dirt in the area is grey volcanic ash and could account for the color of this animal.
4. The animal's arms hung much lower than Jeff's.
5. The animal covered ground much quicker than Jeff.