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Report # 24800  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, September 25, 2008.
Woman remembers a shaggy white-haired creature watching her while she walked her dog outside Richwood

YEAR: 1994

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Boone County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was Arbor Glen Estates. Towards the back of the subdivision. I can't remember the exact house number. It is a ranch style house, and it used to have an above ground pool. There was a small creek that ran along the fence line.


NEAREST ROAD: nearest highway I-75

OBSERVED: This was years ago, probably 1994 or 95 but I lived in Arbor Glen Estates in Richwood, Kentucky. Back then it was a relatively new subdivision and our home backed up to a wooded area. My sighting was in the middle of the day. I was walking my dog, Charlie in the backyard and all of a sudden she stopped. I looked around and took note of the fence line right where she was looking and growling. It was straight in front of us. The bigfoot was about 50 feet in front of me on the other side of the fence line. We starred at each other for a few minutes. I had such a hold on Charlie's leash. After a few minutes of looking at one another, he turned an ran away. As soon as he turned, I turned, grabbed the dog and made a run for the house. I looked back just as I was almost in the house and he was gone.

I distinctly remember the creature. He was tall. Well over 6ft high. He was an off white color with with fur that dangled a little bit (maybe 3-5 inches in spots). The face was a mix between human and primate. Not an ape, not a human dressed up.

My father has also seen it. Off of Shady Lane in Crittenden, Ky. near a creek bed. Later that night I overheard him telling my mother about it. Crazy thing is, we seem to have seen the same type of creature. Both of our sightings were tall creatures and off white.

OTHER WITNESSES: No witnesses.

OTHER STORIES: Just the incident with my father as described above. That area was back on Shady Lane by the bridge. Tons of people used to dump trash there and there was a creek bottom. Not the best for the environment...I know. My dad saw him in the creek bottom.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The middle of the day. Clear and warm.

ENVIRONMENT: I was standing in the backyard and the Bigfoot was at the fence line. Beyond the fence line was a wooded area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Harold Benny:

I spoke with the witness by phone and found her to be credible. When she first saw the creature it was crouched down and immediately stood up revealing a very tall, muscular body with a short neck and long arms that extended to mid- thigh. The hands were large and distinct. She clarified that the body was covered with a shaggy hair and not fur.

About BFRO Investigator Harold Benny:

Harold Benny holds two degrees in Zoology and was a Biology teacher for several years. He participated in the following BFRO expeditions: Michigan UP 07, Arkansas I 07, Arkansas II (Oklahoma) 07, N. Florida 08, Missouri 08, Tennessee 09, and Ohio 09. Harold has organized several private Illinois expeditions and in 2006 recieved the IDNR Volunteer Of The Year Award as part of the Montgomery Co. Hunter Education group.