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Report # 23062  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, February 1, 2008.
Angler finds tracks, hears knocks and senses ominous presence east of North Bend

YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Washington

COUNTY: King County

LOCATION DETAILS: Swamp Creek, just before Taylor River


NEAREST ROAD: Middle Fork Road


I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains (Lake Tahoe). I am an avid
outdoorsman that has hiked from Mexico to Canada. I have always believed
that there is bigfoots running around. I now live in Seattle and go to the
Cascades to fly fish on a very regular basis. A couple years ago I was
fishing a little creek that is a trib to the Middle fork of the Snoqualmie.
As I approached the creek I saw a large footprint. The hair on my neck
stood up. I looked at the other side of the creek and their was another
large track. Not bear, not lion- like nothing I have seen before or since.
I got a little spooked because the tracks looked quite fresh. As I broke
back through the alder on the way back to the car I sensed something looking
at me. Very scary, like I was being followed. I got within 30 feet of my
ride and heard breathing coming behind me but no footsteps. I jumped in and
sped away. I was very spooked. I would be willing to show an expert where
I saw the prints. I will not go back their on my own. Not that it would
hurt me, but more that it was an ominous presence. Please respond to me, I
am not lying to you.


OTHER WITNESSES: 2, myself and my wife. She was in the car- but saw me running like crazy to get back to the car.



ENVIRONMENT: Pine and alder forest, swampy creek with a lot of undergrowth. Maybe 50 yards from the bridge at the road.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dave Illig:

I interviewed the individual regarding his incident. His recollection was clear and to the point. He indicated to me that he was searching for a clearing on the creek in order to return and fish. He did not have any gear with him at the time because he was strictly surveying the surroundings on foot. When he reached a clearing at the creek about fifty yards from the bridge, he noticed two tracks on either side of the 6-ft wide creek. The right foot imprint was closest to him while the left footprint was on the other side of the creek. He also noticed that they were in soft soil and were approximately 4 inches deep and filling with water. It was at this moment that he also smelled a foul odor resembling vomit, feces, sweat and rotted meat. This is where he felt as though he was being watched. As he began to look around him to determine what was causing the odor, he heard loud knocking sounds as though something was smacking two stick together. I asked him, “what would be required to mimic the sound?" He stated that one would need a couple of sticks about two inches in diameter to reproduce the same sound. Upon hearing these sounds, he immediately left the area. The knocking repeated many times as he was pushing his way through the bushes and running back to his car where his wife was waiting. The knocking was heard again as he reached his car. I asked him about the breathing he heard and he replied, "I’m not sure if it was my own or from something else”. He explained to me that his fear and adrenaline was so great by this time that his breathing was excessively loud and he could not make any clear, detailed observations.

The witness has not returned to the area since his incident and will not without someone joining him. He then invited me to accompany him in returning to the exact location.

I take this person to be very credible and sincere as to his recounting the experience.

About BFRO Investigator Dave Illig:

• Dave Illig is a Project Manager for a major aerospace corporation.
• He has attended several BFRO and private expeditions in the US and Canada.
• Is an avid outdoorsman, who is skilled in all-weather camping.
• He is also certified in Swift Water Rescue Operations.
• Target research area: Western Cascades