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Report # 20257  (Class B)
Submitted by witness J.S. on Saturday, July 14, 2007.
Campers awakened by strange howls while camping near Sanford

YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 11-30

STATE: Virginia

COUNTY: Accomack County

NEAREST TOWN: Sanford VA 23426 is where this happened

NEAREST ROAD: CR 695 Accomack County

OBSERVED: My family and I recently spent some time living on the Delmarva Peninsula in VA. When the nights were cool enough we would open the windows of our fifth wheel trailer. On two different nights (the only nights we had the windows open) we heard vocalizations in the surrounding forest. On the first night it was about 2:AM and close to 50 degrees F. I heard two distinctly different voices coming from two different directions as if answering each other. This went on for about ten minutes as the sources seemed to move. Dogs in the small town nearby started barking almost instantly (and I do mean all of them). When I told the wife she blew me off because she is or was a skeptic. On the second occurrence the wife was alone because myself and the kids had gone back home too South Texas. She had the windows open and it was about 1:30 AM and close to 60 degrees. Both nights were very cloudy do to the cold fronts that had made the nights cooler. The wife is an avid outdoorsman and even lived in campgrounds from LA to WI growing up and always had the windows open weather permitting. This is important because nothing common wakes her up. She was sleeping when the vocalizations woke her up and made every hair on her body stand up. The sounds were of two or three different voices including one that she said was undoughtably male. They lasted for about five minutes and stopped as the dogs started barking when the subjects came closer to town. The voices were a cross between a woman making a blood curdling scream and a howl. The best I can type it out is AAAooOP! First one would sound off then another and on occasion a third. After her experience I played the wife some song clips off the internet and she said they were very close to what she heard.

OTHER STORIES: I didn't have the time to inquire of the local knowledge but if you can get the locals to talk I think they would be a fountain of information and evidence. Most all the population has remained local for several generations.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is a mix of vast pine forest, tidal swamp, and farms. This area is abundant with corn, tomato, potato,and wheat fields. There is a huge deer population and large chicken feed lots with chickens that get loose and huge feed bins. In my opinion this area could support a very large population of primates. There at first seems to be a large population of people, but they only live on the road sides and not in the woods.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Aaron B.:

I spoke with the witness about the details of both evenings. He appeared genuine and honest. He had the following details to add to his report.

"The sounds came from 3 very distinctly different locations and individuals. The first came from the direct west of the campground. The second answered within one second from the far southwest and the third maybe 2 seconds after the 2nd from the direct south, maybe a distance of 500 yards - just a guess. The vocalizations seemed to all stay just west of the main population of Sanford.

The second time the vocalizations were heard was just a few nights maybe a week later. The wife was alone there as I had to return to Texas. She said the sounds came from the west as well. I cannot find a link that sounds exactly like what we heard. The closest I can get is the Ohio screams. The screams were like a woman screaming as loud as she could but extremely louder and finished with low deep guttural growling."

The Ohio screams he references is the Ohio Howl .This incident happened during the same time frame that this investigator was made aware of, and investigating other Class B reports coming from this same geographic area. These reports were not immediately available to the general public, and unlikely to have had any influence on the witnesses' reporting. This lends additional credence to this already credible report, in my opinion.

The area is very rural with water surrounding this area on three sides. The interior of this small peninsula is mostly wooded or marshland with the majority of human habitation being immediately adjacent to the main road into and through this area. There is also a way station for local drop off of trash in unsecured dumpsters. This would provide an ample opportunity to access supplemental food. There is abundant wildlife and fresh water resources that would easily support a small population of these beings.

It is my opinion that the witnesses heard vocalizations perhaps from a small family group.

About BFRO Investigator Aaron B.:

Aaron B. has had a life-long interest in the Sasquatch phenomenon. He is an avid outdoorsman and naturalist, as well as an accomplished artist. He has attended public expeditions NC 2011, WV 2012, PA 2013, WV 2013, NC 2014 as well as private expeditions.