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Report # 12802  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Trent Christner on Friday, October 14, 2005.
Sighting by three groundskeepers at Arrowhead Golfcourse around 8:30pm

YEAR: 2005


MONTH: October


STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Douglas County

LOCATION DETAILS: Rampart Range Road to Arrowhead Golfcourse in Roxborough Park. Hole 13 Pro Tee Box.

NEAREST TOWN: Littleton/Roxborough Park

NEAREST ROAD: Rampart Range Road

OBSERVED: I work at Arrowhead Golfcourse in Roxborough, Colorado. Me and two other of my co-workers were going around getting all of the flags at the end of the night. As we were going around the corner for hole 13 (it backs up to Roxborough State Park), out of the corner of our eyes we saw this huge whitish grey figure that was clearly distinguished as a large human like figure. Maybe about 7-8 feet tall.

We went around the corner before realizing what we had seen. We sat for a second and I questioned my friend as to if he had just seen something as well. The answer was "yes". We turned around to go back to where we had seen it. When going around the corner my two friends saw it again. Unfortunatley I missed the second sighting. Acording to my friend the "figure" peeked its head around the corner and stared at them. They claim to have seen a "shoulder" move too. That's when they started screaming.

Once they started screaming the "figure" moved and was out of sight. We put the golfcart into reverse and drove out of that area as fast as possible. We went up to the cart barn and got a cart that was fully enclosed that had front headlights and went back to hole 13. As we got there we stopped around the corner (just before the point in which my friends saw the shoulder move) to see if we could find footprints or anything out of the ordinary. As we sat there, we started hearing very strange creaking noises that came from the back and to the left of us. We stood there listening to this sound for about 5-10 seconds and nobody was moving because we were all scared to death. We left the area quickly. The next couple days we attempted to look for "it" again and haven't seen anything since.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were three of us in one golf cart. Two were sitting in the seats and one was standing up and holding on where the golf clubs might go.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 8-8:30 PM. The moon was entirley gone. There were no lights whatsoever. Kind of cloudy. The only light was from the stars between the clouds. It snowed the next day.

ENVIRONMENT: Scrub Brush and Oak surrounding the Red Rocks along the path. Backs up to Roxborough State park only about 50 feet away from the golfcourse path.

Follow-up investigation report:

Phone interviews with two witnesses and an on-site review.

Further details:

The figure was noticeable in the darkness because of its light color. It was just aside the cart path, between the path and the tee-box. It did not move at all as they quickly passed within 6-8 ft.of it and turned a corner away from it. After first passing it, they agreed they saw something. They thought that perhaps it may have been a person, so they turned around and went back but the figure was no longer in the same spot. Then one spotted it again. It had apparently moved back and partially behind the elevated tee box at a distance of about twenty feet, at which point it quickly moved away and out of sight.

One witness stated that he could not tell if it was initially facing toward or away from them but could clearly see its head and shoulders. The other said he felt it was facing them, and saw its head, part of the chest, the shoulder and an arm. The height was estimated at "a couple feet higher that the top of the golf cart". It was taller than the terraced and elevated tee box.

It was alternately described as "whitish-gray" and "a grayish-white huge thing," while the other witness felt it was "mostly white."

About 10 minutes later they returned again in a different cart. They shut off the engine, but left the lights on and soon heard the constant unusual creaking noises which were mimicked as a "eee-eee...eee-eee." The sound seemed to be nearby but was not loud and would "start/stop, start/stop" repeatedly for the minute or so that they stayed there listening. This again scared them away as they assumed the figure was still in the immediate area.

Nothing unusual was found at the location immediately afterwards by the witnesses or during the follow-up visit. The heavy vegetation, recent snowfall, and golfcourse traffic made it unlikely that any sign would have been noticeable.

There is a history of sightings in the Pike National Forest and are several reports of a white creature(s) in the area over the past twenty years.