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Report # 1226  (Class A)
Submitted by Dr. Henner Fahrenbach on Sunday, January 14, 2001.
Teens returning from baseball game were chased by bigfoot.

YEAR: 1972

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

LOCATION DETAILS: East Satsop Road, near Stevens Road, about 4 miles from old Highway 12, about a quarter mile W. of the town of Satsop, Washington (Grays Harbor County). Satsop is about 25 miles W of Olympia, WA, on the way to the coast.


NEAREST ROAD: East Satsop Road

OBSERVED: Kirk and Kelly D., just before the start of school in late August or first of September, attended a late baseball game in Elma, WA, and had returned by bus to the vicinity of Satsop. They were walking home at about 1 AM the 1.5 miles to their isolated home on the outskirts of Satsop on E. Satsop, a rural road. They heard some soft noises behind them and noticed a large dark object at the side of the road that they first took for a sign of some kind. As they continued walking, the "sign" followed them and they took off running as fast as they could as the dark figure followed along, walking at a seemingly leisurely pace, never breaking into a run, but easily keeping up with the boys. They jumped over the split rail fence of the first and only house before their own, one of them getting substantially scratched by black hawthorn bushes, and pounded on the door of the house. The lady owner recognized them as neighbors, let them in as they hysterically told her that "something" was after them and that it was outside. The lady said something like "Oh, there are no monsters" and opened the door. The sasquatch had by this time stepped over the picket fence and was standing in the front yard of her place. She said: "Good God, there is!" and jumped back into the house, slamming the door. The three looked out of a small window in the door. By this time it was about 12' from the porch. The boys described the creature as being about 10-12 feet tall (subsequently reduced to 8' or slightly more by measurement of tree limbs under which it had passed), hair light greyish-brown own, 3"-6" long, covering the body and most of the face, flat nose, long arms, wide shoulders and narrow hips, long legs. The creature stayed briefly in the yard, looking at the house. When it stepped back over the fence and walked across the street, the observers cracked open the front door again to observe it. It walked down a 75% embankment from the road to the river plain about 100' below. The boys recovered and walked the remaining 400 yards home with borrowed flashlights and called Wayne Moore, a neighbor, at the first light of dawn. He subsequently found foot prints, 17" long, 8" wide at ball and 4" at heel, and traced them down river for about 0.5 miles before the track entered the water.

ALSO NOTICED: Despite being scared, Kirk and Kelly participated in looking for the creature during the following week. Wayne Moore, who lives only a block W of Stevens Rd., added that he was awakened many nights by something large walking or running through his yard such that he could feel the ground shake. Within a week and within about 300 yards of the sighting, a pile of feces was found.

A & G References: Pg. 61, D5

About BFRO Investigator Dr. Wolf H. Fahrenbach:

Hair analysis since 1965. Field work since 1989. Sasquatch courses given in Oregon and Arizona (3-10 weeks duration); Published in Cryptozoology.