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Article submitted by Richard Noll

Thursday, January 29, 1976

Bigfoot prints Examined

Lewiston Tribune


Three Bigfoot fanciers who have gathered along the south fork of the Snoqualmie River to look at unusual footprints have decided that the prints aren't from a single Bigfoot, but from two Bigfeet.

That is, instead of one lonely creature sneaking through the night, the footprints may have been from two large creatures strolling beneath the moon.

This conclusion came from three men who have spent a number of years chasing the elusive Northwest Bigfoot - a creature or legend, said to be about eight feet tall and rather between a man and ape in appearance.

Dennis Gate and Chuck Martin, of Mount Vernon, and Lynn McKenney of the Bigfoot Information Center at The Dalles, Ore., spent Tuesday night sleeping near the river where the footprints were discovered Sunday by two area residents.

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