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Media Article # 138
Article submitted by Richard Noll

Thursday, November 13, 1975

Lummis report sasquatch

Bellingham Herald

More than 100 sightings of the legendary sasquatch, the ape-like being, have been reported on the Lummi Indian Reservation seven miles west of Bellingham, Indian police say.

The reports include sightings by all three members of the local police force, police Sgt. Ken Cooper said earlier this week. He said the federally operated police force has been swamped by reported sightings since late September.

Cooper said he has seen or heard the sasquatch three times since Oct. 10, including once when he was able to watch the creature "for a long time" from a distance of about 35 feet.

"There was a being there about 7 1/2 feet tall," he said. "It was nothing like I've seen before. It was steaming as if it had been running."

He described it as being covered with black hair and very muscular. He later checked an encyclopedia and found the creature he'd seen resembled an orangutang, except in size and color.

He also said several people were able to train spotlights on the creature for some time.

He said he recorded the being's yell note once. Cooper described it as "very powerful" and high pitched. The creature loped alongside his car, which was traveling about 10 miles an hour, he said.

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