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Article submitted by Richard Noll

Thursday, January 15, 1976

Loggers may raise a stink about this sasquatch story

By Don Hannula
Seattle Times

Loggers aren't going to like this.

They have done nothing to besmirch the Sasquatch - legendary half-man, half-ape whose footprints have been reported in the Northwest for a century but whose feet never have been produced.

The debate over whether Sasquatches really exist will continue until someone takes one in hand and leads it to the local primate center for a physical.

But among those who have said they've seen a Sasquatch, there is a uniform belief that the hairy monster doesn't shower very often.

There is a horrendous odor about Sasquatches, one that lingers long after they leave the scene, they say.

What's that got to do with loggers?

Well, Earl Thomas, 18, one of three Tacoma youths who said they saw an 8-to-10-foot Sasquatch in the dark near Rimrock Lake in Yakima County October 1, has come up with the most specific description of the odor yet.

In an interview related in the Seattle based publication, Phenomena Research Report, Thomas said:

"It smelled like rotten logger's sox."

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Cartoon at top of article shows two loggers, one with an ax, the other with a chainsaw. Odors are coming from their boots, chainsaw man says "That Aroma... SASQUATCH??". Ax man says "HMM...Familiar! I seem to have run into it before!"

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