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Article submitted by Richard Noll

Wednesday, February 19, 1975

Searchers report huge footprints

Tacoma News tribune

Three Spanaway searchers combing a densely wooded hillside near Issaquah last weekend claim they found a half dozen enormous footprints.

The searchers discovered what they think are Sasquatch tracks during a search for more bodies in an area where the remains of two Seattle-area women were found last summer.

The searchers were Mrs. Marie Watson, a member of Northwest Bloodhounds Search and Rescue Team, her son Robert, 18, and a friend, Jay Stockwell. The trio was planning for a major search scheduled for the area next Sunday.

The area was where partial remains of Janice Ott, Denise Naslund and an unidentified woman were found last summer.

Mrs. Watson said the huge prints appeared to have been made with a bare foot and were imbedded an inch into the mud. She estimated they had been there a week.

Robert, who wears a size 10 1/2 shoe, said the prints were six inches longer and three inches wider than his boots. The stride between tracks was much longer than a man's, he said.

Mrs. Watson, a well-known and experienced Northwest tracker, said the prints definitely were not human.

"They were not from human feet," she said. "The one I examined had a kind of thumb and an arch." Mrs. Watson said she was frightened by the size of the tracks and somewhat fearful since her bloodhounds had been left home.

"I wasn't even thinking about a Sasquatch, and when I saw them, I thought My God in Heaven," she said.

Mrs. Watson isn't sure what made the deep tracks in the lonely woods above Issaquah, but something big obviously did, she said.

The question is - What was it?

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A picture accompanies this article showing three people (two men and a woman in outdoor clothing) crouched to the ground. The woman has drawn a circle around one of the men’s boots with a stick, in the ground. Caption reads: "Robert Watson, center, illustrated track for his mother and Stockwell".

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