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Media Article # 132
Article submitted by Richard Noll

Monday, May 2, 1977

Bigfoot Tracks

The Daily Chronicle

Footprints up to 18 inches long were discovered in a sand bar along the Cowlitz River, Friday evening. A temporary employee for the Packwood Ranger Station of the U.S. Forest Service reported the footprints. Several ranger district employes went to the site, the old River Bar Campground several miles east of Packwood, to look at the footprints Monday morning. Some of the footprints were covered with plastic and a plaster cast may be made of them, a Forest Service spokesman said. "They look very much like humanoid footprints," the spokesman said, adding he's never seen anything like them. There is some possibility, at least in the minds of some, that the footprints belong to the legendary Bigfoot.

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