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Media Article # 130
Article submitted by Richard Noll

Sunday, October 22, 1978

Bigfoot Out Of Contol, Attacks Man

Modern People

A Washington man has been brutally attacked by a smelly 8-foot tall creature resembling the feared Bigfoot monster.

A bruised and shaken, but otherwise uninjured Albert Permella, told police the vicious attack took place while he was fishing in a lonely Yakima, Wash. creek.

"I was sitting on the shore when I heard the brush and grass crackle behind me," he recalls. "I thought it was another fisherman and turned around to greet him."

"Instead I saw a gigantic, hideous looking creature standing a few yards away. It had a face similar to an ape with dark black hair on its chest, but not its face. It had kind of a flat face and nose and eyes sunk in its sockets."

"As I started to run, the creature suddenly let out a blood-curdling screech and began to violently shake a sapling it was hanging onto with one hand."

"I could hear him running behind me and suddenly I felt it grab my shirt," he trembles. "The beast held on so tight, part of my shirt was ripped off and I fell down scraping both of my knees and ripping my boots."

"Almost as soon as I hit the ground, I got up and started running for my life. After a few minutes I started to get farther away from it, but even as I reached my car I could see the creature in the distance."

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