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Article submitted by Richard Noll

Thursday, June 29, 2000

Is Bigfoot lurking on the Hoh?

By Nick Haney
Penninsula Daily News

For the past week the normal tranquillity of the West End community has been disturbed. Residents are locking once-open doors, shutting blinds and closing windows.

Something has been lurking in the woods behind Gene Sampson's and Steven Penn's homes on the Hoh Indian Reservation. Some Hoh natives believe this "invader'' is the elusive Sasquatch. Others remain skeptical and prefer not to believe.

Westerners have recorded encounters with Bigfoot for only a couple of hundred years, but American Indian folklore about the hairy being is much older, having been passed down orally for many generations, Sampson said.

Most reports regarding the creature include the same description: a tall human-like being, averaging 7 feet in height, weighing from 500 to 800 pounds and covered in hair.

For the past five days, Sampson has found two sets of footprints, which he measured at 14 inches and 17inches in length, 7 and 8 inches in width -- and a big toe measuring 2 inches wide for the smaller creature and 3 inches for the larger.

Along with footprints, he also found trampled trails in a heavily wooded area, and branches and bark broken off trees about 20 feet high.

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