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Article submitted by Richard Noll

Tuesday, March 10, 1998


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TOLEDO, Wash. – A construction tycoon in Toledo, Washington, is offering $1 million to the first person who can bring him a live baby Bigfoot.

79-year-old Ray Wallace has tracked Bigfoot for more than 40 years and says he’ s wants to raise a young Sasquatch to
adulthood. Wallace says he plans on treating the Bigfoot with care and respect and would like to train the baby Bigfoot to ride around with him in his pick-up truck and help out with chores around his ranch.

Although Wallace has yet to find his yeti young’ un, he’ s come close a few times: About 10 years ago a hunter offered to sell him the alleged body of male Bigfoot for $100,000.
When he told the Bigfoot bounty hunter that the state of Washington imposes a $10,000 fine on anyone who kills a Bigfoot, the hunter hung up.

CONTACT: Ray Wallace, Toledo, WA; (360) ***-****; Editors and Producers: Please call at a reasonable hour for the Pacific time zone.

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