How to Bring a BFRO Town Hall
Meeting to Your Town or School

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If you or your local organization (e.g. Historical Society,
school, local newspaper, etc.) would like the BFRO to
hold a town hall meeting, here's how to make it happen:

Organize a Fundraiser to bring the BFRO

Organize a fundraiser to raise $5,000 - $7,000 for
the BFRO to prepare, advertise, promote and then
fly people in to emceee the meeting, and pay fuel/travel
costs for witnesses to attend the meeting.

The cost will be closer to $7,000 if your fundraising
group cannot provide an auditorium venue with minimum
seating capacity (75 seats) and modern audiovisual basics
(microphones, PA system, projection screen, etc.).

As soon as the funds are raised the BFRO will send its own
organizers to meet with local organizers for a few days.
The BFRO people need to inspect the venue and test the
audiovisual equipment and discuss which local witnesses
and presentations would be most informative for the community.
The BFRO organizers will return there to run the actual meeting.

In between those two visits, he BFRO wil promote the meeting
via social media and publicize it in local (statewide) mainstream
media to bring in even more witnesses.

The TV show Finding Bigfoot was able to pull in more than
500 attendees on some occasions so no auditorium is too large.

The production team also had access to the BFRO's internal
unpublished Rolodex of 50,000 witnesses. Only the BFRO
can reach into a well so deep and so old to pull out so many
credible witnesses from every state except Delaware and

Organizers can potentially recoup all of the money raised
by charging door fees and arranging concessions
and vendor booths, etc. In this way the sponsor-organizers
are paid back for their efforts. Hence if a local Historical
Society or boyscout troupe raises the funding, they then
can get back all of the money raised (or most of it) and
use it for a different project for those local organizers.
In this way the organizers can fund two projects from
the same fundraiser, or return the funding to the sponsor.

MN crowd

A door fee should be no more than $8 for adults, $6 for minors.
If the town hall is part of a larger festival for which the general
admission ticket includes the BFRO town hall meeting,
then the town hall meeting can be free.

BFRO Investigatorsresearch and recruit the witnesses
and presenters, then emcee the meeting and fields questions
from the audience. The BFRO also advertises for these
meetings in advance via the BFRO web site and the group's
substantial social media following.

In some cases Matt Moneymaker and some other
cast members from "Finding Bigfoot"
will personally
emcee the meeting and possibly run a local bigfoot
expedition during the ensuing days.

In most other cases Matt Moneymaker will be involved
with the meeting via video teleconferencing.

We're keen to work with people who want to make their event
an annual event which grows in popularity each year, as did the
Ohio bigfoot conference which now attracts thousands annually.

These meetings are similar to the ones seen in the TV series
"Finding Bigfoot." The big difference is the depth of examination
for each incident, particularly with regard to geography.

We listen to witness stories then examine aerial imagery of the
sighting locations to see what can be gleaned from them.
More can be learned from aerial imagery of sighting locations
than you might expect, especially after examining several areas
within a given state.

audience town hall

These town hall meetings could be held anywhere where there are
some credible sightings within a 50 mile radius. It does not have to
be held in any of the towns listed below, but it can be.

This list below reflects where town hall meetings would be within
easy driving range of many eyewitnesses (i.e. the squatchiest parts
of the state).

The BFRO has mailing lists for each of those towns already, with
at least 50 people who have asked to attend meetings at those
locations. Those people will be able go elsewhere if the meeting
isn't in one of those specifics towns, but not too many hours further.

dude hat

As new meetings are scheduled, a second list will be shown
on the BFRO web site. It will be the list where the meetings
or festivals will happen.

If you are interested in making a sponsorhip arrangements
with the BFRO please send an email to
stating that you'd like to help sponsor a meeting.
An adminstrator from the BFRO will reply to discuss the details.

No need to contact the BFRO to ask when and where a given
meeting will be held. When we have that information we will
post it on this page and also send out a tweet from the
@BFRO_Updates twitter account. Follow that account for
the latest updates.

All of the towns below are in areas with a significant number
of sightings reports within a 90 minute drive.

ALABAMA : Talladega

ALBERTA : Calgary

ARIZONA : Payson

ARKANSAS : Hot Springs


- Victoria

- Chilliwack


- Redding

- Fresno

- Temecula



GEORGIA : Dahlonega

IDAHO : Coeur d'Alene

INDIANA : Martinsville

IOWA : Dubuque

KANSAS : Independence


LOUISIANA : Natchitoches

MAINE : Brunswick



MINNESOTA : Grand Rapids


MISSOURI : Branson

MONTANA : Missoula





- Santa Fe

- Ruidoso


- Poughkeepsie

- Salamanca


OKLAHOMA : Antlers


- Sandy

- Grants Pass


- Uniontown

- Dubois

- Gettysburg


TENNESSEE : Pigeon Forge

TEXAS : Nacogdoches

UTAH : Logan

VERMONT : Middlebury


- Hoquiam

- Snoqualmie

- Walla Walla


WYOMING : Lander

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