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New Mexico (Jemez Mts.) Expedition- August 2005

Some preliminary details about the August '05 New Mexico expedition.

The expedition took place in the Jemez Mountains, in the north-central part of the state. It was not on a reservation this time.

The trip was limited to 25 people. Four of the participants were prior eyewitnesses. One of those encounters happened in the target area.

There are some recordings from this trip and a few track casts. At least one recording is presently available. It is linked to the first Class B report from this trip (click here for that report).

There were no sightings, but most of the participants were certain that Base Camp 2 was stalked by something that was probably a bigfoot. This happened a few nights in a row.

The stalking incidents began happening after Tahoe screams (a particular field recording from Lake Tahoe, CA) were blasted at high volume at the slope where the initial sounds were heard -- see link to Class B report above.

There was an attempt to film the prowler on the third night.
The surveillance trap took hours to set up. The prowler approached again along the same path that night, according to the group camping nearby, but the cassette in the suveillance recorder malfunctioned. Nothing was recorded from that camera.

According to several attendees camping in dispersed positions, the same prowler walked out among several vehicles and tents that final night. This was the key bit of behavior that we needed to see (hear), to determine whether to come back to this spot in the future, and how to prepare for it next time.

The participants were from various states: New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, and California. There were no reporters with us this time, but the expedition was mentioned on television news throughout New Mexico a few times during the expedition. Photos from prior BFRO New Mexico expeditions were shown, but the location of the ongoing expedition was not disclosed.

We started in one area but had no idea where we were going to end up. We were following the animal sound responses. That's how we ended up in the area where the most interesting activity occurred.


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