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The Doug Pridgen Footage
(a.k.a. the "New York Baby Footage")

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This video clip shows what appears to be an unclassified primate in Upstate New York. The clip is nowhere near the Patterson footage in clarity, but it is closer and clearer than the Manitoba footage, and shows a lot more movement.

There are two silhouetted figures visible in the footage, in the background. You will need to watch the clip several times to see all of the relevant movement behind the tent and in the trees. Both figures are clearly primates of some sort (humans are primates too). One is large. One is smaller. The smaller one is clearly not human, and climbs through the trees quickly, then swings from a branch.

According to primatologists George Schaller and Esteban Sarmiento, the smaller figure is an ape, and must either be: 1) an exceptionally large gibbon, or 2) a year-old chimpanzee, or 3) an unclassified ape species. Gibbons and chimps are commonly called "monkeys" but are technically apes.

Reasonable skeptics are left with the possibility that the footage shows a lurking human releasing an ape into the trees -- an unlikely scenario considering that very few people own pet apes ... and if you were to release a pet ape into the trees you would not get it back very easily ...

Based on measurements of the tree taken at the site, the swinging figure is approximately 3-4 feet tall from head to toe -- about the size of the figure in the Jacobs photo from Pennsylvania.

The cameraman who shot this footage, Doug Pridgen (New Jersey), was videotaping a man talking beside a campfire at dusk in 1997. Neither the cameraman nor any of the people present were aware of the movement in the trees when the footage was shot. The figures weren't noticed until a few years after the tape was shot. Doug Pridgen was transfering his 8mm tapes to VHS tapes. His camcorder was hooked up to his big screen TV when his girlfriend noticed the figure swinging in the tree and called Doug into the room to ask about it.

The video version you see was brightenned from the original tape to show better contrast of the figures in the trees. It was much darker at that hour than it appears in the footage, and the figure in the trees was much less visible.

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To properly license this footage please contact the copyright owner, Doug Pridgen, at Pridgen@BFRO.NET

The location where the footage was obtained is between Modena and Ardonia, New York (Ulster County), within view of the Catskill Mountains. The nearest sizeable city is Poughkeepsie, NY.

The satellite image linked below shows the location where the footage was obtained. Click the image for a larger version.

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