Could they be Fakes?



One might assume that it would be a simple matter to fabricate convincing snow tracks. It is not. Authentic sasquatch tracks in snow have both obvious common characteristics, as well as many subtle but identfiable characteristics. By the same token, fake tracks in snow have some obvious common characteristics, as well as subtle but identifiable characteristics. Extraneous factors related to the sources, the overall scene and circumstances, contribute to criteria for determing if snow tracks are real or authentic.

BFRO members love nothing more than to teach people, in person, the techiques and approaches for determining the authenticity of tracks, but we will not lay out that information publicly on the Internet. We do not want to train pranksters and hoaxers to make more convincing fake tracks. The criteria for making determinations about authenticity is only useful to the extent that it is not common knowledge, or easily accessed online.