Photo from Northern Minnesota Trail Cam

by Matthew Moneymaker


This trail cam photo from Northern Minnesota is, unfortunately, getting lots of media attention in the Great Lakes region, judging by the amount of people asking us if we have heard about it.

Normally we don't draw attention to cases like these (otherwise we'd be kept very busy by them ...), but this one might be just an honest misinterpretation ...

The photo plainly shows a human, wearing either:
1) a dark-colored winter outfit and snow mittens,
2) a cheap gorilla costume and snow mittens.

It is definitely not a sasquatch.

There are sasquatches in parts of Minnesota, possibly even that same area ... but this is not one of them.

This news story is making the rounds in newspapers, news web sites, and local TV stations in the Great Lakes region. You can track the story's progress via Google News.

Two Minnesota "bigfoot experts" were contacted by the man who obtained the photos with his automated trail camera. They told reporters that the photo "looks like the real deal." These two "experts," Sherman and Olson, are acquaintances of Mr. Carmine (Tom) Biscardi. Apparently they are not very good at evaluating photographic evidence, but they are pretty good at emulating Biscardi's less-than-prudent practices with the news media.


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