Donate to the BFRO

There are two different ways to make donations to the BFRO:

  • Donate via PayPal

    Within PayPal, send money to Foundation@BFRO.net
    You can send any amount through this method but please add a note to the transaction indicating that it's a donation (i.e. not an expedition fee). If you include your mailing address in the note then the BFRO will send you back some embroidered BFRO patches for your backpacks and hats.

  • Check in the mail

    Make check payable to "Bigfoot". Mail the check to:
    Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
    31103 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite D-2358
    San Juan Capistrano, California

For donations of equipment it would be appropriate to speak with you first. To arrange that, please send an email to ContactUs@BFRO.net and describe the donation and include your name and phone number. You will receive a phone call from the secretary of the BFRO to discuss the matter.


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