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Report # 9766  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Scott on Sunday, November 14, 2004.
Motorist has a brief daylight sighting at the edge of Huber Heights
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 15


COUNTY: Montgomery County

LOCATION DETAILS: from columbus take 70 west huber heights exit go left until chambersburg rd turn right the pond is down on the left cant miss it

NEAREST TOWN: huber heights

NEAREST ROAD: chambers rd and indicot

OBSERVED: I live in london ohio and this sighting took place about 50 miles from were I live due west in a wooded area that has a pond with enormous catails at the far side away from the road at approx 50 to 75 yds.I was driving at or around 35 mph going to church in august of 2004 at around 9;45 am on a sunday morning and as my 13 year old daughter and I were quiet and each just looking out our door windows in my chevy 4x4 when all the sudden to my left standing behind the catails was what I thought was a man in a dark chestnut fur coat I could only see from the waist up and its shoulders were enormous never paid much attention to the face it was to far away but those shoulders were huge so I told rachel aint it a little hot for a fur coat then it struck me what that thing was.A few weeks later I drove this other road indicot that corners it and mad river lies about a mile behind it.

ALSO NOTICED: nothing except I havent seen it since.

OTHER WITNESSES: me and my 13year old though she didnt see it but I quickly told her.

OTHER STORIES: Ive heard 4 reports in enon ohio same river I think.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: sunshine and clear

ENVIRONMENT: woods with some rich estates behind it but lots of woods

Follow-up investigation report:

After interviews with the witness, there were no issues of credibility found concerning this incident. Because of the short duration of the sighting, it will be classified as a Class B report.

A brief sighting length of no more than five seconds was reported by the witness. The idea that someone would be fishing during the summer in a fur coat and the width of the shoulders left a strong impression on the witness. This observation also eliminates most of the everyday explanations for what the witness observed. The daughter of the witness, who was riding in the vehicle, did confirm her father's comments related earlier.

The issue of why the witness and daughter would travel so far for church was discussed and resolved to this investigator's satisfaction.

The location of this sighting was at the edge of the Miami River valley. Extending to the north is a string of parks and preserves. The Miami has actually cut an impressive gorge to the north of this location. Of particular interest is a comment report also submitted to the BFRO that related the discovery of a foul smelling large nest-like area in one of the parks north of the sighting location in the Miami valley earlier in the same summer.

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