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Report # 9683  (Admitted Hoax)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, November 3, 2004.
Deer hunters have evening sighting along pipeline
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YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November

DATE: 20

STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: Bienville Parish

LOCATION DETAILS: There is a small country road directly behind the stand, and a few well locations.


NEAREST ROAD: Not sure of the name

OBSERVED: My best friend and I were hunting in a deerstand on a pipeline. There were a series of three connected pipeline and the stand was in the center, allowing us to watch all three directions. It was getting dark when I noticed something large moving at the end of the lane in front of us. Before I could pull my gun up to look, this huge creature stepped out of the thicket into the pipeline. That particular line was about 150 yards long. The creature had to be 8 or 9 feet tall, I couldnt even breathe. It was a dark figure walking on two feet. I could even see it hard long arms swaying by its side. I knew it wasnt a hunter because everyone on our lease knew my stand was here. The creature took about 4 or 5 steps and crossed back into the wood on the other side. I immediately thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, but then my friend said "Did you see that.." We looked at each others, both of our eyes huge. We sat in the stand trying to compose ourselves and be quiet at the same time, hoping the thing wouldn't come back. Well after dark my father came to pick us up, but we would not get out of the stand when he blew the horn. The truck was a good 100 yard walk, eventually he drove right up to the stand asking what was wrong. We rushed to get into the truck and never told him about what we saw. We have since told the story several times to some of our other friends.

ALSO NOTICED: We never went and looked after the incident, though I have hunted there several times since and never seen it again.

OTHER WITNESSES: One of my best friends. He was sitting in the same stand.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The sun had gone down, but it wasnt completely dark yet. The sky was overcast, there was no wind.

ENVIRONMENT: At the time, there was a small area of thick forest isolate by the connecting pipelines. Behind the lines however is a deep bottom of hardwood,with lots of flooding. Much of the area since then has been cleared away for timber.

Follow-up investigation report:

On 1/23/05, I talked to the witness who made the report. He added this information to the report:

The pipeline where the sighting occurred was approximately 30-40 yards wide, and the deer stand that the two hunters were in was approximately 120 yards from the place where the creature walked out of the woods. He said that the creature appeared extremely tall and it looked to be a dark brown or black in color. The witness stated that he did notice the arm swing of the creature, and that it didn't seem to be an exaggerated swing, just an arm swing similiar to that of a person who was walking fast. He added that he could tell that the hands looked like they came down to at least half way between its hips and knees. He doesn't think that it ever looked at them, nor did it ever stop while crossing the pipeline. The witness stated that it was getting late in the day, but that there was enough light for both he and his hunting partner to clearly see the creature. Since the day of the sighting, he has told his father about the sighting and his father told him "his eyes were playing tricks on him, or it was another hunter", but the witness stands by what he says he saw. He said that it took him a long time to go back into the woods after that day.

This past fall after it had rained, he and some friends did go back to the area and they found what he believes was a foot print that was 1" deep in the mud. He said that his size 11 boot fit completely inside the track.

The witness also described two other things that happened in the area that he can't explain, but feels may be related. He and a friend went hunting in the area again, and shot a deer. They went to look for the deer, and heard what he described as a loud splashing in some water that was near where they were looking. He said that as they walked toward the water, the splashing would move away from them, and as they moved away from the water, the splashing would move toward them. They didn't see what was making the sound because they left the area in a hurry.

He also mentioned that he had gone into the area alone looking for a deer that he had shot. As he was looking, it was getting dark, and he heard what he described as a very loud shrill type whistle. The witness said that he decided the best thing for him to do was to pack up and leave, so that's what he did.

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