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Report # 9670  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, November 1, 2004.
Woman has a daytime sighting on the North Thompson River.
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YEAR: 2002


MONTH: October

PROVINCE: British Columbia


NEAREST TOWN: Little Fort/Hummingbird

NEAREST ROAD: B.C. Highway 5

OBSERVED: I was travelling North on BC Highway 5, after passing Little Fort there are three "pull outs", between one of these I glanced to my left and across the North Thompson River, I saw a Gray Man-like form, because it did look odd, I thought "what is that", not even thinking Sasquatch, but pulled into the next turn out, (cannot remember which of the three turn-outs it was, but - it was across the River, and a smaller Creek was coming into the River, the Subject was bending up and down, up and down, but the bending was very strange, as the body seemed longer than a person, and Subject bent from the Hips, not bending it's back like a human would do, of first notice was the Dark Gray colour, all over the body, the face "was" a bit lighter as were the hands, the Subject was NOT wearing a Water Suit, it was softish looking like hair. I saw the Subject before I could pull off the road, when I got to the pull out, I got out of my Truck and stood on some dirt, and looked at the Subject. It stood straight up and for several moments looked right at me, I felt very strange, excited and alert, and unbelieving, (I even thought perhaps I should flag someone down to witness this, but flashing through my mind was that - if it really was a Sasquatch, would people try to hunt it, shoot it, and all that stuff...) I stood there and the look it gave me had power in it, I know it saw me, possibly better than I saw it. I felt I was invading somwhere I should not have been. I looked for a while longer, the Subject went back to doing what it had been doing. Looked something like picking up rocks and throwing them out of the water, I later thought could it have been fishing, or what. I am sad that I did not stay there and watch to the end, as I left before the Subject did. The North Thompson at that time of year (October) is quite calm and could be swum across, I was not without caution. I cannot remember, but I may have waved at it, but I am certain if I did there was no response, It just looked at me, and then went back to doing it's thing. This subject was not any colour of the pictures in BFRO. It was Dark Gray, I did not notice or think to look for Genitalia.

OTHER WITNESSES: No witnesses.

OTHER STORIES: I have a description from a book by a Outfitter called the Stories of Clayton Mack "Grizzlies and White Guys" from pages 123... Which I read two years after my sighting - describing a Subject doing what "MY" Subject was doing... picking rocks or catching fish or digging clams... but bending thus doing "somthing" in the water.
Another account was from Chris Czajkowski, in Diary of a Wilderness Dweller, pages 125 and 161. For a fact she would not have wanted people to think her "strange", so only made slight reference and aluded to the Sasquatch.
This lady is/was a true wilderness dweller, I am trying to trace her and ask her more questions, and will try to encourage her to contact Dave Bruce, provided I can locate her.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About noon, good visibility.

ENVIRONMENT: Stream Entering the North Thompson River

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dave Bruce:

The witness contacted me after seeing an ad that I had placed in some rural newspapers asking for people to share their encounters. She is quite knowledgeable of the local wildlife and grew up in bear country seeing them frequently. During her phone interview, she described the "odd" way that the body bent when going down, picking things out of the water. "It bent straight from the hips, without an obvious curve to the back."

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