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Report # 9507  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, October 12, 2004.
Roadside sighting near Eureka Springs
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YEAR: 1994

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 15

STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Carroll County

LOCATION DETAILS: Carrol County between Beaver Lake and Eureka Springs.

NEAREST TOWN: Eureka Springs


OBSERVED: I've had two possible bigfoot encounters. The first occured in 1975 when I seven.

The second happened in the summer of 1994. I had been playing and living at an opera festival seven miles or so west of Eureka Springs in the Ozark mountains. One night after a runout performance in Missouri several of us were driving back to the festival site. We were on hwy 62(?) between Beaver Lake and Eureka Springs. It was after midnight when our carlights illuminated someone or thing standing off of the right (south) side of the road. It raised its hands and covered its face I assume due to the carlights. We saw no clothes on it and it appeared to be covered in brownish hair. What we saw didn't really register at first. We all thought it was very strange that someone would be out there naked at that time of night. None of us thought it was a bear because we saw hands (also, I had seen bear in that part of Arkansas and this did not resemble a bear). We didn't stop or turn around because we were all a little freaked out. I later realised that this thing had been standing on a small slope. It must have been 7-8 feet tall. It wasn't thick or bulky but appeared thin in comparison to its height.
Ever since the first incident I have read and seen everything I could get my hands on concerning bigfoot. That being said, when I saw what I did in 1994 my first reaction was "who's stupid enough to be out here at this time of night? They'll get run over." Then I realised that it was hair covered and TALL and probably not a man.


OTHER WITNESSES: Me and three others. I was a passenger in a car on the second occassion and we were returning to our festival site after a performance in Missouri.

OTHER STORIES: After my family moved off base we lived in Jacksonville proper. We lived in a residential area close to the edge of town. Woods were nearby. For years there were stories of the Loop Road Monster. It was said to be white in color.

I've seen a couple of reports on your website that happened around Beaver Lake.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around or after midnight in late June or early July. It was a warm night.

ENVIRONMENT: Typical central and north Arkansas woods.

Follow-up investigation report:

I discussed the sightings during a telephone interview and the following is added to these encounters: The first encounter can be found here

The witness stated he and four other people were traveling back from Springfield MO to the Eureka Springs area of AR, and were driving carefully because the previous night they almost struck a "vulture" feeding on a road kill, in the road, so he estimated their speed at 50 mph. The witness was in the back seat on the passenger side looking out the window when he observed an animal rise from a squatting position to a standing position on two legs. This animal was described to be tall approximately 7-8 feet in height, and lean, not thin, but muscular. He could not give me any facial details because he stated The animal raised its "hand" palm outward to cover its eyes. He stated the hand was very large and that he remembers when the animal moved to cover its eyes, the hand was down below the knee area swinging upward to the face, covering it. He said he did not note whether there was a point on this animal's head because of the large hand obscuring the face. He could not say whether the hand had hair on the palm or whether it was dark skin, but was quite sure it was a hand and not a paw. This animal was brown in color with what appeared to be human like hair covering its body.

When asked about the other occupants of the car he was sure they had all seen the animal because they originally thought it was a man on the side of the road miles from any town. They discussed how odd it was for someone to do that at that time of night all alone, however, in further discussion realized the "man" wasn't wearing any discernible clothes and was very large. He stated he would try to locate the other four witnesses and would foward that information if he was successful. They were aquaintances who were all in a play. It had been ten years since he had spoken with any of them, but that he would try to locate them to verify the sighting. More information will be forthcoming at a later date if the other witnesses can be located and interviewed.

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