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Report # 9438  (Class B)
Submitted by witness no on Monday, October 4, 2004.
Couple hears back and forth vocalizations, between 5 and 6 a.m., where the Harrison and Chehalis rivers join
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YEAR: 2004


MONTH: October


PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: Although the closest town is Agassiz the area we are in is actually about 15 miles west and then down Morris Valley Rd



OBSERVED: I was awakened this morning (Oct 3/04) about 5 am (we live right where the Harrison and Chehalis Rivers join in SW B.C,) by the sound of some kind of large animals calling back and forth to each other. It terrified me as I couldn't identify it. I listened as they seemed to move across our property and out onto what is referred to here as the "Chehalis Flats". This lasted for about 20 min. Our dog was absolutely frozen to the spot on the end of our bed. My husband woke just after this and I asked if he had heard the sounds and he said no but just then they started again. Even though they were off in the distance he heard them too. My husband was born and raised in this part of B.C. and I have been here for over 35 years and neither of us has ever heard an animal like this. I went online trying to identify what it may have been and when all "reasonable" ideas where exhausted I thought I would try "the not so ordinary" options. I have been asked to describe the sound but it was so unusual that it is hard to do. After searching I came across a site that had "sounds" recorded of sasquatch calls and found that there were 3 recordings of exactly what I heard!

ALSO NOTICED: We alway have coyote, ducks, frogs, etc that are vocal almost always but it was absolutely dead silent until the dogs in the area started barking.

OTHER WITNESSES: my husband and myself. We were sleeping.

OTHER STORIES: Just when I came onto your site after we had heard the noises and were trying to ID them and then I found that report #7456 on your site took place just on the other side of the mountain (Mt. Woodside) from us.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5 a.m. dark but it was clear and fairly mild

ENVIRONMENT: We are situated on the Chehalis Flats. This is an area where the Harrison and Chehalis Rivers join. It is largely uninhabited but there has been a lot of clearing recently. The "flats" are under water during high water but during low water they are sandy flats with grass and low bush surrounded by steep mountainous terrain that is wooded with huge cedars, fir and hemlock with some maple, alder and cottonwood.

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