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Report # 9274  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, September 5, 2004.
While driving home at night, family has sighting not far from Sabine River.
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YEAR: 2004


MONTH: September

DATE: 5th

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Newton County


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 190

OBSERVED: Me, my mom, and my sister were driving home from a friends house down a dirt road when a tall lurky creature dashed across the road. We slowed down but didn't stop. When we passed we looked back and saw the thing had come in the midde of the road staring at us.

OTHER WITNESSES: My mom and sister. Riding in car.

OTHER STORIES: A man who lives close by saw one while fishing. People around here say they see them all the time.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 10:00 P.M. Almost dark. Hot and humid.

ENVIRONMENT: Piney woods,and Sabine River.

Follow-up investigation report:

I was able to speak with the witness's mother about this encounter. I considered her to be very credible. She was not eager to classify as a bigfoot what she and her two children saw. In fact, even after the encounter, she still considers herself a skeptic. That being said, she remains "freaked out" and perhaps even a little unnerved by what she saw and for the first time, on the night of 5 September (the night of the sighting), locked the doors to her house. She explained that the family only lives one-half mile from where they encountered the strange creature.

The mother described the event as follows: It was about 10pm and the family was returning home at a speed of approximately twenty miles per hour down the narrow county road. They had just crossed some railroad tracks where the road bends and at a distance of about thirty yards or so, they saw a two-legged, dark, figure standing in the road. Due to the bend in the road, the light beams never fully illuminated the creature. As soon as the family saw the figure, it sprang or leapt from the road into the woods on the side of the road. The car quickly passed the spot and the mother saw the figure standing at the side of the road in her rearview mirror.

The mother said that while she could not completely rule out the possibility of the figure being human, its behavior was uncharacteristically non-human. Its coloration was decidedly single-tone and dark. The mother said the way that it leapt from the middle of the road to the woods didn't at all seem human, as most people would simply have stepped to the side of the road to allow the car to pass. It was certainly bent on hiding as quickly as it could. Its height was six feet tall or more, but the witness was simply unsure of the exact height. No eyeshine was noted nor were the witnesses able to discern any facial or body details; as said before, the beams of the headlights never fully illuminated the creature. The witnesses were absolutely certain that it was bipedal, dark, tall, and fast.

The mother said, "People around here say they see 'em [bigfoots] all the time." The family lives within two miles of the Sabine River, an area that generates many bigfoot sighting reports. The mother said she wasn't sure what she and her kids saw, but she was "definitely freaked out" by it.

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