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Report # 9267  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, September 5, 2004.
Morning sighting by logging crew near White Swan Lake
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 20

PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: heading twards cranbrook , after passign through canal flats watch your left for a big sign. White swan lake. turn there drive straight on the main road untill 45 or 48 k hang a left onto white grave road (nitta) road follow all the way until u hit one of our landings. do not post until september 8th or so after that our logging crew will be gone then poeple can go up there if they want.

NEAREST TOWN: canal flat , skookumchuck

NEAREST ROAD: white swan logging road were were on nitta or white grave road around 55 k

OBSERVED: around 7:30am we arrived by helicopter at work (heli-logging) the helicopter dropped 4 men off in the block which we were logging, me and another man were in the landing. Every morning there were usually 2 goats we would watch on a near by mountain top. we looked up, no goats but what we did see was unbelievable. a human shaped creature walking along the ridge we watched this "thing" walk around for about 20 minutes on 2 legs (IT WAS DEFINATLY 100% NOT A BEAR!) it was brown in colour and we all figure it stood 11-13 feet tall it the stopped and watched us for awhile it stood still for about 5 minutes like a tree thinking we didnt see it i assume.
then as our helicopter came up from service 3 of us witnessed the critter bend over just like a man would too touch his toes and then stand straight again, we looked away for a minutes too start logging, looked back and it was gone! now i have seen alot of animals in my time but never anything like this.
3 days later i shifted out for aweek when i came back 3 of our crew said they were up walking our grapple block and came across a whole bunch of tracksthey said the tracks were about 16 inches long and about 7 inches wide, i did not personally see the tracks but i do not disbelieve them.
and finally my last day at work august 31 2004 before school starts back up here in 2 days, we moved our gear over to another landing to cold deck for the day. new road it was just pushed in a week before so it was a soft and muddy road eh... we arrived and there were game tracks all over the place, so me and my partner were just wandering around checking out the tracks when he says " u gotta see this" there it was plain as DAY i saw it with my own eyes 4 tracks in the mud made by a 2 legged creature the foot print was not much bigger than my own foot a size 12 mans but it was wider and had bigger toes, (just a small bugger we figure) but there it is and there u have u have it. i never would have thought of writing this down until i read the story about the man at whiteswan lake because.... thats where we were logging and still are.

ALSO NOTICED: They are definatly up there somewhere....

OTHER WITNESSES: first sighting 5 saw it. second sighting 3 people saw it and last sighting 3 different people saw it. in total about 9 different poeple saw atleast on of the inccedents

OTHER STORIES: weve asked around witht the locals and yeah! some people laughted others would go on to tell us a story that had happened to them or someone they know in the area.


ENVIRONMENT: rocky and forested aboput 7000 feet up in the hill we are there you can almost look straight across the valley at the alpine terrain

Follow-up investigation report:

Witness has been logging for a few years and this was his first sighting of an animal, as well as multiple tracks.

Tracks that were found on the road were covered by the logging traffic, "We never had the chance to take any pictures or even cast them, we had a job to do." said witness. "There were more tracks around the cold deck, but the logging slash probably covered them up."

The crew thought they were watching a grizzly bear at first,"When it bent over to reach for its foot, we then realized it was no bear". "It moved on two legs, the only thing that I could think of at the time was, why is there a circus bear up there?"

Crew does not believe it was visited by the creature. All evidence found of the subject was in the early morning, it came around during the evening hours when no one was up there. At no time, did they smell or hear anything approach their work area.

Because of the logging activity witness was unable to view all tracks that were found in that area. He hopes to return someday to the site, whether it be on his own time, or logging in the area.

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