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Report # 9129  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, August 9, 2004.
Man has close encounter very near the Grand River State Game Preserve
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 7th


COUNTY: Trumbull County

LOCATION DETAILS: Very near the Grand River State Game Preserve, also near the Grand River, and west of the Mosquito Creek reservoir.

NEAREST TOWN: East Farmington

NEAREST ROAD: Rt 534 or Rt 87

OBSERVED: Being out in the wooded area since around 7 AM, it was around 10 am, give or take an hour....I had left my watch in the car. I've been hearing activity in the brush for a while, I decided to seek a higher spot on the terrain to get a better view, so I was ascending this small knoll, or very small hill. As I crested the top, there it was, directly in front of me, and about 30-40 feet away. It was kneeled down, like a human does to tie its shoe, on one knee. As quickly as I saw it, it stood up, and we just stared at each other, eye to eye, for a few seconds that to me seemed like many minutes. I think somehow it knew it startled me, then I was overcome by this very strange feeling of calm. Within a minute or possibly less, it just turned and strolled into the dense part of the woods. It didn't seem scared of me, and looked back only once before it went out of sight. I opened my pack, yanked out my audio recorder, dropped it on the ground, had to reinstall the batteries, set my pack on the ground, and headed off after the creature. I roamed those woods for several hours only to hear some possible noises, but never saw it again....several times later that afternoon, while trying to locate my pack again, I heard sounds in the brush around me. sometimes it sounded like on two sides, not sure if the sounds were from small mammals, or possibly a couple of creatures. I never found my pack, and had to give up the search as darkness was coming soon. As for the creature, it was a male, looked young, around six feet tall. Its hair color appeared to be a light milk chocolate. It was stocky, by mans comparison, yet not really thick and bulky. the hair or fur was only about 2 inches long.

ALSO NOTICED: Didn't have the odor sometimes associated with the creatures, but the whole area smelled musty and damp.

OTHER STORIES: Heard of lots more stories in Ohio from many different websites.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was mostly sunny, a little cool, with small puffy clouds in the sky. It was midmorning and the time was between 10-11 AM.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is a good mix of low lying area's, farms, and dense woods. Would be a really great area for deer hunting. possibly fox as well.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness was very shocked to see this creature. He fully expected to see a group of deer on the hilltop. He said he pulled the audio recorder out since he didn't have a camera hoping it would make some type of recordable sound as he tried to follow it. Although he never saw it again, he felt like he was being watched and or followed when he left the woods.

Below is a photo of the exact location the sighting occurred.

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