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Report # 8888  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, June 22, 2004.
Night time calls and footprints witnessed by several people northeast of Colton off Highway 211
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 19-22

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Clackamas County

LOCATION DETAILS: Northeast of Colton off Highway 211.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 211

OBSERVED: I was at a friend's house in the Colton area. It was around midnight when I noticed strange noises in the treeline approx. 100 yards from his house. These noises were birdlike in nature and seemed to be coming from 3 places, directly in front of the house and off to both sides and further away. These noises sounded like birds but were only part of a bird call, and they seemed to be answering each other. There were 5 different noises and while they seemed birdlike they definitely came from something larger than a bird. At approx. 12:30 am I finally asked the other people at the house to come outside and listen. Everyone agreed that the noises were strange and like nothing they had ever heard before. We shined a flashlight in the area that noises seemed closest and saw nothing due to heavy brush, but the noises quit in that area until we stopped shining the light. These noises lasted until approx. a half an hour until dawn and quit quite suddenly. I grew up in the area and spend alot of time hunting and fishing and being in the outdoors, as does the property owner, we could not identify any local animal that makes these noises. In the morning we went and looked in the area closest to the house and found want could 2 possible tracks, they matched nothing we had ever seen, and we compared them with the other animal tracks in the area and they matched nothing, also noticed that the grass was pushed down in approx 3-4 foot strides running through the field behind the stream area where we found the possible tracks and where we thought some the noises were coming from. Since then the property owner has heard the same noises at night and last night heard something thrashing around in the brush. Also, if this has any bearing, there has been a good deal of logging in the area we thought that perhaps something has been pushed out of that area. Thank you for your time.

ALSO NOTICED: This area in right at the base of Goat Mountain, so there has been a history of bigfoot activity in the area. Property owner and I found 3 tracks last year in the adjoining property but didn't say anything to anyone about because they looked very old.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were 6 people who heard noises the first night, four people who saw the possible tracks and strange trail. Property owner has since witnessed the other event.

OTHER STORIES: Again this is the Goat Mountain are so incidents are plentiful and too numerous to list.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Midnight until dawn, the weather was clear and warm. Not too much moonlight but plenty of starlight.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is a mixture of overgrown clear cut with a stream (Milk Creek) running through it there is a mixture of heavy brush and trees with swampy bog land running along the stream. There are several ponds in the area and the immediate surrounding area is forest land and some minor farm land.

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