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Report # 8857  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, June 15, 2004.
Mother and son endure frightening road encounter with hairy, "man-like" being.
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Liberty County

NEAREST TOWN: Kenefick crossing to Dayton

NEAREST ROAD: Fm 1008 and CR 2320

OBSERVED: My son and I was driving down FM1008 (Kenefick) heading towards our road hwy 321. It was about 11PM. I was driving around a curve and it was just there. His face was as tall as the speeding sign that he was standing next to as if he was crossing the road. If I was 20 seconds later I would have hit a man that had hair covering his whole body except I could see his mouth and nose with no hair; the eyes were pretty clear of any facial hair also. He "looked" upset.Clearly not sure what it was that my son and I saw but it was a man like being that was as tall as the street sign. My headlights reflected off the sign as this thing turned his face to see us and we see him. It was practically in my windshield. I would have hit him if I had not swirved.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two driving along the road

OTHER STORIES: Yes.. I was speaking about the incident and some hunting story came into play about something watching them set up camp..I can only assume they were telling me the truth. I am just not sure what part of east Texas they were hunting.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was 11pm and a clear night.

ENVIRONMENT: The Trinity River is in the area of 1008. They have pine and swampy areas.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke to both witnesses involved in this incident on 15 June, 2004. I found both witnesses to be of the highest credibility.

As the two were heading back to their home, they rounded a turn in the highway. The mother told me that she was turning a little wide for the curve and nearly ran off the road. As this happened, both witnesses saw the creature by the sign. Mother was struck with fear and "freaked out," as her son described it. Son was amazed and tried to convince his mother to instantly turn around. Mother would not have it. Even though the sighting lasted only seconds, the mother had seen enough. She steadfastly continued down the road, away from the mysterious animal.

Both witnesses described the animal as being at least as tall as the sign by which it stood (perhaps eight feet tall). The color was described as auburn and the creature's body was covered with hair. The witnesses described the animal's face as appearing "upset and angry," or that the creature had a "mean look on its face," to which I attributed perhaps to the creature feeling fear as the witnesses nearly hit the animal. The lips were described as "pronounced," and there was very little hair on the face. Bear in mind that the glimpse of the face and the entire body was extremely fleeting, as it was dark, the creature was illuminated only by headlights, and the vehicle was traveling at approximately fifty miles per hour. The witnesses could not discern any further details about the face, nor could they provide any details about hands or feet. The witnesses further described the creature as "muscular," "big-boned," and "too hairy for a man, but too human for an animal." The "knees appeared bent" and the creature seemed to have "a basically round head." The creature did appear to be "somewhat squatted."

Both witnesses are not sure what they saw, but they are sure that they had never seen it before and have since not seen anything like it. The mother said that it "scared the livin' hell" out of her, and that it was "awfully ugly." She went on to say that she used to date a large man who was six feet four inches, but "he was a midget compared to that thing."

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