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Report # 846  (Class B)
Submitted by Tony M. on Saturday, December 2, 2000.
During his youth, this First Generation American heard several unusual sounds, on two different occasions
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YEAR: 1979-1982

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Apache County

LOCATION DETAILS: In the mid valley of our community of which is densely surrounded by juniper and pine forests.

NEAREST TOWN: Fort Defiance


OBSERVED: Well this happened twice in our area, which is on the navajo reservation in the northeast corner of Arizona. Mid winter in 1979 myself and other neighborhood kids were playing in a recently fallen snow, and out of the darkness was heard the most terribly and interesting scream that we've ever heard and this scream lasted for about 15 minutes on and off.

Now at the time I remember their being reports of a giant Yei Men taking sheep from corals, but I didn't believe until that night. The time must have been about 12 pm. What is ironic about this incedent is that it did not only happen once but twice three years later in the same conditions. And, their were low key rumors at the time. Now this hasn't bothered me but I sure would like to know how it ever wandered into our region for a fact.

In our oral history our elders spoke of Yei Men of whom will come and take you away if your bad. I mean just put two and two together? Now this had to be a Bigfoot, because on several recordings, the sounds are identical to what we heard that night! And, even on an episode of sightings the night cry was identical. This just gives me the creeps, to know that at that time we were probably being watched.

ALSO NOTICED: Just the stories and rumors around the communities.

OTHER WITNESSES: My friends and cousins, about 6 of us.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, my grandmother described a big man taking one of her sheep out of the corral, just by stepping over the fence late one evening. The corral if I remeber correctly, which was in a meadow, in a town called Navajo NM. This also happened around the first incedent.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Both incedents happened around 12pm during heavy snow falls.

ENVIRONMENT: Rio Puerco valley between the valley cliffs and mountian range. The area is covered with dense dry foliage and juniper and pinion pine forests, which runs along Rt. 12 N.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

I Contacted Tony M. to discuss the unusual sounds he heard when he and friends were out playing while large snowflakes were falling all around them. On that first event, Tony looked around and found himself standing all alone when the unusual sounds had stopped.

Tony was only 11 years old on that first event, and he was 13 years old on the second event which were under the same conditions. On both occasions, it made a kind of roaring and screaming sound which were mixed together. He heard it three times on that first event, and he heard it two times on the second event, in which it was making a similar sound.

Both of these events occurred at about the midnight hour, during a snowstorm, at Tony's home, which is on a Navajo reservation in the northeast corner of Arizona. Tony described the sound as the same one he had heard on the BFRO Internet sound reports, the one where the barking dog is heard in the background.

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