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Report # 8450  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, April 6, 2004.
Property owners hear loud vocalizations in early morning and have a possible sighting near Clearcreek Metro Park
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April



COUNTY: Fairfield County

LOCATION DETAILS: The sighting occured down the road from Clearcreek Metro Park, just off of State Route 33.


NEAREST ROAD: Close to Clear Creek Road

OBSERVED: About a couple years ago my dad and I heard this sound which sounded like a women screaming like she was getting raped or something. After that day we started to hear it more often about three times a summer. Well, three days ago, I had a bunch of my friends come over and we were going to try and get a picture of whatever was making the sounds. When three of my friends went ahead of the group a ways like they were going to try and scare us the rest of the group turned around and went back to the house and decided to wait and listen for it before we went looking for it because it was pretty cold and it was supposed to start raining. Well, the three kids who went ahead to try to scare us didn't know that we had turned back and so they waited crouched in the woods waiting for us. As they were waiting they heard something behind them in an old cabin that has fallen in and starting to decay. When they shined the flashlight behind them at the object, they saw the silhouette of an enormous object. My one friend, who is about 6 ft. 5 in. tall, said the objet was just as tall as he was, at least. They didn't get a very good look at it, though, because as soon as they saw it they turned and ran about a quarter mile back to the house as fast as they could. I knew they saw something because I could see in there eyes how scared they were.

ALSO NOTICED: One time when we heard the noise it was so close to our house we could hear it walking around. And in between screams while it was walking you could hear it mumbling or growling. It was so close to the house, that it is highly unlikely that it was a bobcat because we have 4 dogs who stay outside in there pen.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me and my dad have heard the sounds.
There were three people who made the sighting

OTHER STORIES: We talked to a neighbor down the road, and he said that he has heard the same noise walking around his house before.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Me and my dad usually heard the noise around dusk but occasionally around 2 to 3 at night. My friends saw it at around 12:30 at night

ENVIRONMENT: Very thick woods and hilly with some rocky caverns and caves. Many small creeks. Occurred in a sort of valley in an old fallen in cabin.

Follow-up investigation report:

After talking to the witnesses on multiple occasions it is quite obvious that something is moving through the valley between their home on a regular basis.

* Bobcat and Owls have been ruled out as the scream maker.
* They have all heard something walking around across the valley from their cabin on multiple occasions. It reminded them of a person walking upright.
* Their four good size dogs keep very quiet when the "screamer" is around.
* The teenagers that saw a huge thing standing next to the abandoned building were scared to death.
* The sheer remoteness of the property and abundance of food source would make great bigfoot territory.
* The property is set back in a four square mile wooded network of creeks and valleys.
* The 5000 acre Clear Creek Metropark borders up to the property.
* The screams heard are close to some of the sounds on the BFRO website but not as long in duration.

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