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Report # 8042  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, February 19, 2004.
Bowhunter turns around to see a creature staring at him almost motionless.
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YEAR: 1996


MONTH: October


COUNTY: Guernsey County

LOCATION DETAILS: On private property located near State Route 662 and State Route 209 near the Indian Camp Road area.


NEAREST ROAD: State Route 662

OBSERVED: Just past dusk while with my hunting partner we were camped up on the hill above the ravine we bow hunt every year. I went to take a leak on the port potty we had set up 100 feet from the campsite. While sitting there with the glare of the campfire in sight I noticed a really stinky smell coming from behind me. I stood up and turned around to see this animal standing there a short distance away starring at me. I looked at this thing in amazement. It was leaning on one foot just looking right at me. I was totally terrified. It was white in color, had dark brown skin, an apparent round head, and real deep sunk eyes. Although it was about my height (6 foot 2) it was very wide at the shoulders. I would have to say it was three and a half to four feet wide, which made its waist look thin in comparison. Since I had a shovel to bury my waist I screamed at the creature and waved the shovel in the air. Once I did this it sprinted into the woods down into the ravine at an alarming pace. I could hear it busting branches as it left the area. My friend came running over wondering what was wrong. I told him what had just happened but he just couldn't believe me. That was until the next day when we went right to the location and found the large tracks going towards the ravine. I think after him seeing them he was somewhat convinced I had seen something very unusual. The other thing I noticed was its hair coloring looked dirtier below the waist.

ALSO NOTICED: Yes, my friend and I went to the location the next day and found footprints that were almost 13 inches long. The tracks were much bigger (especially width wise) than my size 13 EEE hunting boots.

The next day while hunting by tree stand in the hollow below the sighting location we (my friend) both heard noises that went from high to low pitch. It was something we both never heard in our lives. Very scary!

OTHER WITNESSES: My friend saw the tracks.

OTHER STORIES: When the property owner found out what I saw he asked that we didn't hurt them..they mean no harm…..which meant they knew they were around. One of the property owners admitted seeing a similar colored creature. The property we hunt on consists of 150 acres of the roughest terrain in Ohio.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was just past dusk on a nice fall day.

ENVIRONMENT: Hilly, thick forest, hollows, caves, etc..

Follow-up investigation report:

I've talked to this witness multiple times and his story has been consistent year after year. He noted that the creature was only 20 feet away when he saw it. Its face appeared to be dark in color and no neck was visible. The overall bulk of this creature is what impressed him the most. He estimated it had to weigh 350 pounds or more. The area has a good size stream that flows through the ravine. There is a good size cave that he has seen from a distance but has never had the courage to check out.

This area has had a long history of bigfoot reports and strange sound reports. It's an area that warrants further investigation. Check out this report Report#4558 that happened in the same general area two years later. Notice the similarities in the creatures' (other than height) description.

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