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Report # 792  (Unusable)
Submitted on Friday, October 23, 1998.
Creature stepped out right in front of witness
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YEAR: 1980


STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Lauderdale County

OBSERVED: This event happened around 1980 in Lauderdale county, Al. My cousin lived near a large boy scout camp, and on weekends we would spend hours in the woods hunting small game, I recall one fall when my cousin refused to go in the woods. My cousin was large for his age, and I had never seen him scared of anything. Now, for the story, after some convincing my cousin stated this; A couple days prior to my arrival he and his dog were hunting when all of a sudden a terroble smell came over the woods. Much worse than a decaying animal. He stated he then heard a grunting sound and limbs snapping off trees. He sat real still until the creature stepped right out in front of him. He described this creature as at least eight feet tall, and very ape like. He states the ape screamed at him in a blood chilling tone, out of fear he states he fired in the air. He states the he tried to run, but the ape grabbed him and slung him down a ridge. He says he recovered and fired his rifle at the ape as it charged him. He states the ape then fled, as did he and the scared dog. I saw the marks from roll down the hill. I talked him into going to this spot, and should say I thought it was a hoax. Upon arrival I saw many broken branches, but the deciding factor for me was the dog. She whined and smelled the air in fear the whole time we were there. We left and never went back, nor did we tell our parents.They would of never let us play anywhere near those woods again. I should tell you we were possibly the only humans who ever went there, the camp itself was close, of course we were young and trespassing only made it more fun.

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